Event name
WE-Heraeus Seminar (2018)
Event type
Event for scientific audience
Start date
Bad Honnef, Germany
Solo Exhibition
Solo Exhibition
Event format Veranstaltungsformat
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1Abele, Hartmut Closing RemarksPräsentation Presentation2018
2Rauschenbeutel, Arno Fluctuation-Induced Phenomena in Complex SystemsPräsentation Presentation2018
3Rauschenbeutel, Arno Observation of ultra-strong spinmotion coupling for cold atoms in optical microtrapsPräsentation Presentation2018
4Klopf, Michael ; Ivanov, Andrei ; Jericha, Erwin ; Märkisch, B. ; Müller, F. F. ; Saul, Heiko ; Soldner, T. ; Abele, Hartmut PERKEO II - Neutron Decay and Dark MatterPräsentation Presentation2018