23. Werkstofftechnisches Kolloquium

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23. Werkstofftechnisches Kolloquium
Event type
Event for scientific audience
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Conference Track
Multi Track
Organizing institution Veranstaltende Institution
TU Chemnitz
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1Bauernfeind, Tobias ; Edtmaier, Christian ; Metzler, Werner ; Moser, Martin ; Riedmann, Markus ; Schwarz, Daniel 3D galvanoformed continuous carbon fiber reinforced MMC components using fiber preforms fabricated by tailored fiber placementPresentation Vortrag30-Mar-2023
2Staufer, Ella ; Edtmaier, Christian ; Klein, Thomas ; Schneider-Bröskamp, Christian ; Zhang, Duyao ; Easton, Mark ; Qiu, Dong ; Schmitz-Niederau, Martin ; Horky, Jelena ; Moser, Nico ; Trunova, Lena Effects on microstructure and mechanical properties of the addition of Co, Cr and Fe to the eutectoid system Ti-6.5CuPresentation Vortrag30-Mar-2023
3Edtmaier, Christian ; Zunghammer, Andreas ; Moser, Nico ; Staufer, Ella ; Horky, Jelena ; Neubauer, Erich ; Klein, Thomas ; Schmitz-Niederau, Martin ; Trunova, Lena ; Schneider-Bröskamp, Christian Titanium MMCs With Enhanced Specific Young's Modulus Via Powder Hot ExtrusionPresentation Vortrag30-Mar-2023