ACM Journal on Experimental Algorithmics

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ACM Journal on Experimental Algorithmics
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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
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1Bhore-2022-ACM Journal on Experimental Algorithmics-vor.pdf.jpgBhore, Sujoy ; Li, Guangping ; Nöllenburg, Martin An Algorithmic Study of Fully Dynamic Independent Sets for Map LabelingArticle Artikel Dec-2022
2Luger, Daniel ; Aral, Atakan ; Brandic, Ivona Cost-Aware Neural Network Splitting and Dynamic Rescheduling for Edge IntelligenceArticle Artikel May-2023
3Fischl, Wolfgang ; Gottlob, Georg ; Longo, Davide Mario ; Pichler, Reinhard HyperBench: A Benchmark and Tool for Hypergraphs and Empirical FindingsArtikel Article 2021
4Schidler-2023-ACM Journal on Experimental Algorithmics-vor.pdf.jpgSchidler, Andre ; Szeider, Stefan SAT-boosted tabu search for coloring massive graphsArticle Artikel Dec-2023
5Fichte, Johannes K. ; Hecher, Markus ; Hamiti, Florim The Model Counting Competition 2020Artikel Article 2021