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1Peschl, Markus ; Bottaro, Gloria ; Hartner-Tiefenthaler, Martina ; Rötzer, K. Authors' Response: Challenges in Studying and Teaching Innovation: Between Theory and PracticeArtikel Article2014
2Dagiene, Valentina ; Futschek, Gerald ; Stupurienė, Gabrielė Concepts of Computing in "Mind-Size Bites"Artikel Article 2019
3Dagiene, Valentina ; Futschek, Gerald ; Stupurienė, Gabrielė Creativity in Solving Short Tasks for Learning Computational ThinkingArtikel Article 2019
4Futschek, Gerald Deconstruction in Software ConstructionArtikel Article2015
5Peschl, Markus ; Bottaro, Gloria ; Hartner-Tiefenthaler, Martina ; Rötzer, K. Learning How to Innovate as a Socio-epistemological Process of Co-creationArtikel Article2014
6Dagiene, Valentina ; Futschek, Gerald On the Way to Constructionist Learning of Computational Thinking in Regular School SettingsArtikel Article2019
7Kynigos, Chronis ; Futschek, Gerald Re-Situating ConstructionismArtikel Article2015