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Hyperfine Interactions
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1Ali, Kamran ; Reissner, Michael ; Steiner, Walter ; Feuerbacher, Michael A comparison of crystalline and quasicrystalline Al-Mn-Fe compoundsArtikel Article2012
2Tökési, K. ; Wang, Jianyi ; Gulyás, L. ; Burgdörfer, Joachim Angular and energy differential electron emission cross sections in collisions between antiprotons and helium atomsArtikel Article2009
3Reissner, M. ; Steiner, W. ; Wernisch, J. ; Boller, H. Debye temperature and magnetic ordering in KxBa1−xFe2S3Artikel Article2006
4Hörndl, Maria ; Yoshida, Shuhei ; Burgdörfer, Joachim ; Gwinner, Gerald ; Wolf, Andreas Enhanced electron-ion recombination in ion storage ringsArtikel Article Nov-2006
5Reissner, Michael ; Weinberger, Peter ; Wiesinger, Günter ; Hilscher, Gerfried ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Linert, Wolfgang Fe(II) spin-crossover compounds based on the extremely versatile ligand system of 1-substituted tetrazoles: a comparative studyArtikel Article2009
6Lechner2019_Article_FluorescenceDetectionAsANewDia.pdf.jpgLechner, Simon ; Fischer, Paul ; Heylen, Hanne ; Lagaki, Varvara ; Maier, Franziska ; Plattner, Peter ; Rosenbusch, Marco ; Sels, Simon ; Wienholtz, Frank ; Wolf, Robert N. ; Nörtershäuser, Wilfried ; Schweikhard, Lutz ; Malbrunot-Ettenauer, Stephan Fluorescence Detection as a new Diagnostics Tool for Electrostatic Ion Beam TrapsArticle Artikel 2019
7Reissner, Claudia E. ; Reissner, Michael ; Kern, Daniel Gustav ; Pöllmann, Herbert ; Beirau, Tobias Iron sites in radiation-damaged allanite-(Ce): the effects of thermally induced oxidation and structural reorganizationArtikel Article 2020
8Arinicheva, O.A. ; Lileev, A.S. ; Reissner, Michael ; Lukin, A.A. ; Strikova, A.S. Magnetic and microstructural properties of (Nd,Pr)-(Tb,Dy,Gd)-(Fe,Co,Al,Cu)-B type magnetsArtikel Article 18-Dec-2013
9Reissner, Michael ; Bauer, Ernst ; Steiner, Walter ; Rogl, Peter Franz Mössbauer Effect Study of Eu0.88Fe4Sb12 SkutteruditeArtikel Article 2004
10Reissner, M. ; Steiner, W. ; Seidov, Z. ; Guseinov, G. Mössbauer investigation of Fe0.5In1.5S3Artikel Article2006
11Abele Hartmut - 2016 - Precision experiments with cold and ultra-cold neutrons...pdf.jpgAbele, Hartmut Precision experiments with cold and ultra-cold neutrons : Neutron β-decay and gravity resonance spectroscopyArticle Artikel 2016
12Reissner, M. ; Bauer, E. ; Steiner, W. ; Rogl, P. ; Leithe-Jasper, A. ; Grin, Yu. Skutterudites, a thermoelectric material investigated by high field Mössbauer spectroscopyArtikel Article 2008