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International Journal of Digital Curation
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1Weise, Martin ; Staudinger, Moritz ; Michlits, Cornelia ; Gergely, Eva ; Stytsenko, Kirill ; Ganguly, Raman ; Rauber, Andreas DBRepo: A Semantic Digital Repository for Relational DatabasesArticle Artikel 7-Sep-2022
2Oblasser, Simon ; Miksa, Tomasz ; Kitamoto, Asanobu Finding a Repository with the Help of Machine-Actionable DMPs: Opportunities and ChallengesArtikel Article 2020
3Miksa, Tomasz ; Rauber, Andreas ; Ganguly, Roman ; Budroni, Paolo Information integration for machine actionable data management plansArtikel Article 2017
4Guttenbrunner, Mark ; Becker, Christoph ; Rauber, Andreas Keeping the Game Alive: Evaluating Strategies for the Preservation of Console Video GamesArtikel Article2010
5Simms, Stephanie ; Jones, Sarah ; Miksa, Tomasz ; Mietchen, Daniel ; Simons, Natasha ; Unsworth, Kathryn A Landscape Survey of ActiveDMPsArtikel Article 2018
6Guttenbrunner, Mark ; Ghete, Mihai ; John, Annu ; Lederer, Chrisanth ; Rauber, Andreas Migrating Home Computer Audio Waveforms to Digital Objects: A Case Study on Digital ArchaeologyArtikel Article 2011
7Miksa, Tomasz ; Strodl, Stephan ; Rauber, Andreas Process Management PlansArtikel Article 2014