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1Popper, Nikolas ; Hafner, Irene ; Rössler, Matthias ; Preyser, Franz Josef ; Heinzl, Bernhard ; Smolek, Peter ; Leobner, Ines A General Concept for Description of Production PlantsArtikel Article2014
2Brunmeir, Dominik ; Rößler, Matthias A SimEvents/Simulink-based Solution to ARGESIM Benchmark C8 'Canal and Lock System'Artikel Article2015
3Wastian, Matthias ; Landsiedl, Michael ; Breitenecker, Felix A Soft Computing Model for Server Outage DetectionArtikel Article2015
4Obermair, Matthias Rudolf ; Glock, Barbara Agent-based Simulation on the Railway Connection from and to the Vienna International AirportArtikel Article2014
5Ruths, Julian ; Schneckenreither, Günter An Agent-based Approach to ARGESIM Benchmark C16 'Restaurant Business Dynamics' based on NetLogoArtikel Article2014
6Emrich, Stefan An Agent-Based Approach to Increasing Space Utilization of Office BuildingsArtikel Article2015
7Hafner, Irene ; Popper, Niki An Overview of the State of the Art in Co-Simulation and Related MethodsArtikel Article 2021
8Rekova, Olga ; Pelzmann, Nicole ; Mandl, Philipp ; Ecker, Horst ; Körner, Andreas ; Bicher, Martin ; Breitenecker, Felix ARGESIM Benchmark C11 'SCARA Robot': Comparison of Basic Implementations in EXCEL and MATLABArtikel Article 2019
9Janisch, Georg ; Leopoldseder, Miriam ; Körner, Andreas ARGESIM Benchmark C13 'Crane and Embedded Control' with SIMULINK -modelled Dynamics and MATLAB-programmed ControlArtikel Article2015
10Pichler, Philipp ; Miksch, Florian Calibration: A Usecase on the Influenza season 2006/07 in AustriaArtikel Article2014
11Roessler, Matthias A Case Study On Coupling Thermo-dynamical and Electro-mechanical Models in Modelica-based SimulatorsArtikel Article Dec-2013
12Schweiger, Gerald ; Engel, Georg ; Schöggl, Josef-Peter ; Hafner, Irene ; Nouidui, Thierry S. ; Gomes, Cláudio Co-Simulation - An Empirical Survey: Applications, Recent Developments and Future ChallengesArtikel Article 2020
13Ebner, Michael ; Winkler, Stefanie Comparison of Finite Difference Method and Random Walk Method in ARGESIM Benchmark C19 'Pollution and Groundwater Flow'Artikel Article2014
14Leser, Dennis ; Wastian, Matthias ; Rößler, Matthias ; Landsiedl, Michael ; Hajrizi, Edmond Comparison of Prediction Models for Delays of Freight Trains by Using Data Mining and Machine Learning MethodsArtikel Article 2019
15Hörtenhuber, Matthias ; Bachler, Martin ; Wassertheurer, Siegfried ; Mayer, Christopher Comparison of Two Filtering Methods for Heart Rate Variability AnalysisArtikel Article2014
16Frank, Martin ; Bachler, Martin ; Wassertheurer, Siegfried ; Mayer, Christopher Computational Aspects of Models for Minimizing the Effects of Ectopic Beats on Heart Rate VariabilityArtikel Article2014
17Brunmeir, Dominik ; Kropf, Johannes Decision Making in Ambient Assisted Living Environments based on Uncertain and Fuzzy DataArtikel Article2015
18Winkler, Stefanie ; Bicher, Martin Different Methods analysing Convection-DiffusionArtikel Article2015
19Obermair, Matthias ; Bicher, Martin ; Breitenecker, Felix Different Strategies for Modelling and Simulation of Regional Population DevelopmentArtikel Article 2018
20Stockinger, Anna E. ; Gütl, Elisabeth ; Rath, Stefan A. ; Strasser, Dominik ; Bicher, Martin ; Körner, Andreas ; Ecker, Horst Direct Implementation of ARGESIM Benchmark C7 'Constrained Pendulum' in MATLAB and EXCELArtikel Article 2019