ACM Transactions on Computational Logic

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ACM Transactions on Computational Logic
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1Delgrande, James ; Schaub, Torsten ; Tompits, Hans ; Woltran, Stefan A Model-Theoretic Approach to Belief Change in Answer Set ProgrammingArtikel Article2013
2Lodha, Neha ; Ordyniak, Sebastian ; Szeider, Stefan A SAT Approach to BranchwidthArtikel Article 2019
3Heule, Marijn J. H. ; Szeider, Stefan A SAT Approach to Clique-WidthArtikel Article2015
4Hetzl, Stefan ; Ebner, Gabriel ; Eberhard, Sebastian Algorithmic Compression of Finite Tree Languages by Rigid Acyclic GrammarsArtikel Article 2017
5Fichte, Johannes K. ; Szeider, Stefan Backdoors to Normality for Disjunctive Logic ProgramsArtikel Article2015
6Creignou, Nadia ; Papini, Odile ; Rümmele, Stefan ; Woltran, Stefan Belief Merging within Fragments of Propositional LogicArtikel Article 2016
7Oetsch, Johannes ; Seidl, Martina ; Tompits, Hans ; Woltran, Stefan Beyond Uniform Equivalence between Answer-set ProgramsArtikel Article 2021
8Schwarz, Karlheinz Challenges for Theory and ComputationArtikel Article 2017
9Creignou, Nadia ; Egly, Uwe ; Schmidt, Johannes Complexity Classifications for Logic-Based ArgumentationArtikel Article2014
10Cadoli, Marco ; Eiter, Thomas ; Gottlob, Georg Complexity of Nested Circumscription and Nested Abnormality TheoriesArtikel Article2005
11Schwarz, Karlheinz ; Breitling, Rainer ; Allen, Christian Computation: A New Open Access Journal of Computational Chemistry, Computational Biology and Computational EngineeringArtikel Article 2013
12Blaha, Peter ; Chermette, Henry Dedication: Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Karlheinz Schwarz on the Occasion of His 80th BirthdayArtikel Article 2022
13Kalantari, Leila ; Tran, Fabien ; Blaha, Peter Density Functional Theory Study of Metal and Metal-Oxide Nucleation and Growth on the Anatase TiO₂(101) SurfaceArtikel Article 2021
14Ciabattoni, Agata ; Lyon, Tim ; Ramanayake, Revantha Display to Labeled Proofs and Back Again for Tense LogicsArtikel Article 2021
15Bruijn, Jos De ; Eiter, Thomas ; Polleres, Axel ; Tompits, Hans Embedding Non-Ground Logic Programs into Autoepistemic Logic for Knowledge Base CombinationArtikel Article2011
16Eiter, Thomas ; Šimkus, Mantas FDNC: Decidable nonmonotonic Disjunctive Logic Programs with Function SymbolsArtikel Article 22-Jan-2010
17Beyersdorff-2023-ACM Transactions on Computational Logic-am.pdf.jpgBeyersdorff, Olaf ; Blinkhorn, Joshua ; Mahajan, Meena ; Peitl, Tomáš Hardness Characterisations and Size-width Lower Bounds for QBF ResolutionArticle Artikel 27-Jan-2023
18Ciabattoni, Agata ; Genco, Francesco A. Hypersequents and Systems of Rules: Embeddings and Applications.Artikel Article 2018
19Rubel, Oleg ; Blaha, Peter Length-Gauge Optical Matrix Elements in WIEN2kArtikel Article 2022
20Ahmetaj, Shqiponja ; Ortiz de la Fuente, M.Magdalena ; Calvanese, Diego ; Simkus, Mantas Managing Change in Graph-Structured Data Using Description LogicsArtikel Article 2017