ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

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ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction
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1Spiel, Katta ; Frauenberger, Christopher ; Keyes, Os ; Fitzpatrick, Geraldine Agency of Autistic Children in Technology Research-A Critical Literature ReviewArtikel Article 2019
2Porayska-Pomsta, Kaśka ; Alcorn, Alyssa M. ; Avramides, Katerina ; Beale, Sandra ; Bernardini, Sara ; Foster, Mary Ellen ; Frauenberger, Christopher ; Good, Judith ; Guldberg, Karen ; Keay-Bright, Wendy ; Kossyvaki, Lila ; Lemon, Oliver ; Mademtzi, Marilena ; Menzies, Rachel ; Pain, Helen ; Rajendran, Gnanathusharan ; Waller, Annalu ; Wass, Sam ; Smith, Tim J. Blending Human and Artificial Intelligence to Support Autistic Children's Social Communication SkillsArtikel Article 2018
3Frauenberger, Christopher Entanglement HCI The Next Wave?Artikel Article 2019
4Ganglbauer, Eva ; Fitzpatrick, Geraldine ; Comber, Rob Negotiating food waste: Using a practice lens to inform designArtikel Article2013
5Nunes, Francisco ; Verdezoto, Nervo ; Fitzpatrick, Geraldine ; Kyng, Morten ; Grönvall, Erik ; Storni, Cristiano Self-Care Technologies in HCI: Trends, Tensions, and OpportunitiesArtikel Article 2015
6Posch, Irene ; Fitzpatrick, Geraldine The Matter of Tools: Designing, Using and Reflecting on New Tools for Emerging eTextile Craft Practices.Artikel Article 2020