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ACM Transactions on Internet Technology
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1Mrissa, Michael ; Ghedira, Chirine ; Benslimane, Djamal ; Maamar, Zakaria ; Rosenberg, Florian ; Dustdar, Schahram A Context-Based Mediation Approach to Compose Semantic Web ServicesArtikel Article2008
2Vögler, Michael ; Schleicher, Johannes M. ; Inzinger, Christian ; Dustdar, Schahram A Scalable Framework for Provisioning Large-Scale IoT DeploymentsArtikel Article 2016
3Avasalcai, Cosmin ; Tsigkanos, Christos ; Dustdar, Schahram Adaptive Management of Volatile Edge Systems at Runtime With SatisfiabilityArtikel Article 2021
4Tsigkanos, Christos ; Garriga, Martin ; Baresi, Luciano ; Ghezzi, Carlo Cloud Deployment Tradeoffs for the Analysis of Spatially Distributed Internet of Things SystemsArtikel Article 2020
5Garriga, Martin ; Aarns, Koen ; Tsigkanos, Christos ; Tamburri, Damian A. ; Heuvel, Wjan Van Den DataOps for Cyber-Physical Systems Governance: The Airport Passenger Flow CaseArtikel Article 2021
6Murturi-2022-ACM Transactions on Internet Technology-vor.pdf.jpgMurturi, Ilir ; Dustdar, Schahram DECENT: A Decentralized Configurator for Controlling Elasticity in Dynamic Edge NetworksArticle Artikel 23-Aug-2022
7Sheng, Quan Z. ; Dustdar, Schahram Introduction to Special Issue on Context-Aware Web Services for the Future InternetArtikel Article2012
8Dustdar, Schahram ; Nepal, Surya ; Joshi, James Introduction to the Special Section on Advances in Internet-based Collaborative TechnologiesArtikel Article2019
9Lu, Huimin ; Wu, Liao ; Fortino, Giancarlo ; Dustdar, Schahram Introduction to the Special Section on Cognitive Robotics on 5G/6G NetworksArtikel Article2021
10Zabolotnyi, Rostyslav ; Leitner, Philipp ; Hummer, Waldemar ; Dustdar, Schahram JCloudScale: Closing the Gap Between IaaS and PaaSArtikel Article 2015
11Cao, Tien-Dung ; Pham, Tran-Vu ; Vu, Quang-Hieu ; Truong, Hong-Linh ; Le, Duc-Hung ; Dustdar, Schahram MARSA: A Marketplace for Realtime Human Sensing DataArtikel Article 2016
12Zdun, Uwe Pattern-Based Design of a Service-Oriented Middleware for Remote Object FederationsArtikel Article2008
13Copil, Georgiana ; Moldovan, Daniel ; Truong, Hong-Linh ; Dustdar, Schahram rSYBL: A Framework for Specifying and Controlling Cloud Services ElasticityArtikel Article 2016
14Jha, Somesh ; Katzenbeisser, Stefan ; Schallhart, Christian ; Veith, Helmut ; Chenney, Stephen Semantic Integrity in Large-Scale Online SimulationsArtikel Article 2010
15Platzer, Christian ; Rosenberg, Florian ; Dustdar, Schahram Web Service Clustering using Multidimensional Angles as Proximity MeasuresArtikel Article2009