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1Cavusoglu, I. ; Durakbasa, M.N. ; Cakir, M. Analysis of Surface Modification of GFRP and Influence on the Drilled Part DelaminationArtikel Article 2017
2Sommariva M - 2016 - Application of Differential PDF to the Structural...pdf.jpgSommariva, M. ; Dadivanyan, N. ; Gateshki, M. ; Rayner, M. ; Lukashuk, Liliana ; Rupprechter, Günther ; Föttinger, Karin Application of Differential PDF to the Structural Characterization of Supported CatalystsArticle Artikel 2016
3Nedzinskas, R. ; Cechavicius, B. ; Kavaliauskas, J. ; Karpus, V. ; Krivaite, G. ; Tamosiunas, V ; Valusis, G. ; Schrey, Frederik ; Unterrainer, Karl ; Strasser, Gottfried Energy Spectrum of InAs Quantum Dots in GaAs/AlAs SuperlatticesArtikel Article2008
4Sagbas, B. ; Durakbasa, M.N. Evaluating Frictional Temperature Rise in Sliding Surface of Artificial Hip Joint Materials with Different Loading ConditionsArtikel Article2013
5Müller, Thomas ; Moldaschl, Thomas ; Parz, Wolfgang ; Golka, Sebastian ; Strasser, Gottfried ; Unterrainer, Karl Femtosecond spectral hole burning spectroscopy as a probe of exciton dynamics in quantum dotsArtikel Article2008
6Tamosiunas, V ; Kancleris, Z. ; Dagys, M. ; Simniskis, R. ; Tamosiuniene, M. ; Valusis, G. ; Strasser, Gottfried ; Unterrainer, Karl Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulation of Mid- and Far-Infrared Quantum Cascade LasersArtikel Article2005
7Jaksic, Zoran ; Tanaskovic, Dragan ; Matovic, Jovan Fishnet-Based Metamaterials: Spectral Tuning Through Adsorption MechanismArtikel Article2009
8Gunay, A. ; Sagbas, B. ; Durakbasa, M.N. Importance of Measurement Parameters for the Dental Implant Surface CharacterizationArtikel Article2014
9Bidulsky, Robert ; Bidulska, Jana ; Calderon, Raquel de Oro ; Hryha, Eduard ; Maccarini, Marco ; Forno, Illaria ; Actis Grande, Marco Interparticle Neck Connections in Innovative Insulated Iron Powder CompoundsArtikel Article 2015
10Rusz, J. ; Novák, P. ; Rubino, Stefano ; Hébert, Cécile ; Schattschneider, Peter Magnetic Circular Dichroism in Electron MicroscopyArtikel Article2008
11Sagbas, Binnur ; Durakbasa, M. Numan Measurement of Wear in Orthopedic ProsthesisArtikel Article2012
12Prikhna, T.A. ; Gawalek, W. ; Savchuk, Y. ; Sergienko, N. ; Moshchil, V. E. ; Sokolovsky, V. ; Vajda, Istvan ; Tkach, V.M. ; Karau, F. ; Weber, Harald W. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Joulain, A. ; Rabier, J. ; Chaud, X. ; Wendt, M. ; Dellith, J. ; Danilenko, N.I. ; Habisreuther, T. ; Dub, S.N. ; Meerovich, V. ; Litzkendorf, D. ; Nagorny, P. ; Kovalev, L.K. ; Schmidt, Ch. ; Melnikov, V. ; Shapovalov, A.P. ; Kozyrev, A. V. ; Sverdun, V. ; Kosa, J. ; Vlasenko, A.V. Nanostructural Superconducting Materials for Fault Current Limiters and Cryogenic Electrical MachinesArtikel Article2010
13Danninger, Herbert ; Harold, Christian ; Gierl, Christian ; Ponemayr, Helmut ; Daxelmüller, Manfred ; Simancik, Frantisek ; Izdinsky, Karol Powder metallurgy manufacturing of carbon-free precipitation-hardened high speed steelsArtikel Article2010
14Vanli, A.S. ; Akdogan, A. ; Durakbasa, M.N. Process Optimization and Surface Modification of Die Casting AZ91 Magnesium Alloy ProductsArtikel Article 2018
15Gawlik, Aleksandra ; Lederer-Woods, Claudia ; Andrzejewski, Jozef ; Perkowski, Jaroslaw ; Weiß, Christina ; Bacak, Michael ; Griesmayer, Erich ; Jericha, Erwin ; Kavrigin, Pavel ; Leeb, Helmut ; n_TOF Collaboration, - Radiative Neutron Capture Cross-Section Measurement of Ge Isotopes at n_TOF CERN Facility and Its Importance for Stellar NucleosynthesisArtikel Article 2021
16Pokorný, V. ; Žonda, M. ; Kauch, A. ; Janiš, V. Simplified Parquet Equations for the Anderson Impurity Model: Comparison with Numerically Exact SolutionsArtikel Article 2017
17Suchorski, Yuri ; Wrobel, R. ; Becker, S. ; Opalinska, Agnieszka ; Narkiewicz, Urszula ; Podsiadly, Marcin ; Weiss, H. Surface Chemistry of Zirconia Nanopowders Doped with Pr₂O₃: An XPS StudyArtikel Article2008
18Sagbas, B. ; Durakbasa, M.N. Surface Texturing of Vitamin E Blended UHMWPE for Reduction of WearArtikel Article2014
19Cavusoglu, I. ; Durakbasa, M.N. ; Cakir, M. The Effects of Drilling Operation on the Surface Roughness of Modified GFRP CompositesArtikel Article 2018
20Kröll, J. ; Darmo, Juraj ; Unterrainer, Karl Time and frequency resolved THz spectroscopy of micro- and nano-systemsArtikel Article2005