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1Drmota, Michael ; Panagiotou, Konstantinos A central limit theorem for the number of degree-k vertices in Random mapsArtikel Article2013
2Ordyniak, Sebastian ; Popa, Alexandru A Parameterized Study of Maximum Generalized Pattern Matching ProblemsArtikel Article 2016
3Gemsa, Andreas ; Niedermann, Benjamin ; Nöllenburg, Martin A Unified Model and Algorithms for Temporal Map LabelingArtikel Article 2020
4Drmota, Michael ; Jin, Emma Yu An Asymptotic Analysis of Labeled and Unlabeled k-TreesArtikel Article2015
5Helmi, Ahmed ; Panholzer, Alois Analysis of the "Hiring above the median" selection strategy for the hiring problemArtikel Article2013
6Helmi, Ahmed ; Martínez, Conrado ; Panholzer, Alois Analysis of the strategy 'hiring above the m-th best candidate"Artikel Article2014
7Gaspers, Serge ; Ordyniak, Sebastian ; Ramanujan, M. S. ; Saurabh, Saket ; Szeider, Stefan Backdoors to q-HornArtikel Article 2016
8Angelini-2023-Algorithmica-vor.pdf.jpgAngelini, Patrizio ; Bekos, Michael A. ; Förster, Henry ; Gronemann, Martin Bitonic st-orderings for upward planar graphs: splits and bends in the variable embedding scenarioArticle Artikel 11-Mar-2023
9Bliem, Bernhard ; Woltran, Stefan Complexity of Secure SetsArtikel Article 2018
10Fill, James Allen ; Kapur, Nevin ; Panholzer, Alois Destruction of very simple treesArtikel Article2006
11Mchedlidze, Tamara ; Nöllenburg, Martin ; Rutter, Ignaz Extending Convex Partial Drawings of GraphsArtikel Article 2016
12Ganian, Robert ; Ordyniak, Sebastian ; Rahul, C. S. Group Activity Selection with Few Agent TypesArticle Artikel May-2023
13Paulusma, Daniel ; Slivovsky, Friedrich ; Szeider, Stefan Model Counting for CNF Formulas of Bounded Modular TreewidthArtikel Article2015
14Gaspers, Serge ; Kratsch, Dieter ; Liedloff, Mathieu On Independent Sets and Bicliques in GraphsArtikel Article2012
15Ganian, Robert ; Klute, Fabian ; Ordyniak, Sebastian On Structural Parameterizations of the Bounded‑Degree Vertex Deletion ProblemArtikel Article 2020
16Ganian, Robert ; Ordyniak, Sebastian ; Ramanujan, M. S. On Structural Parameterizations of the Edge Disjoint Paths ProblemArtikel Article 2021
17Ganian, Robert ; Kronegger, Martin ; Pfandler, Andreas ; Popa, Alexandru Parameterized Complexity of Asynchronous Border MinimizationArtikel Article 2019
18Gutin, Gregory ; Kim, Eun Jung ; Soleimanfallah, Arezou ; Szeider, Stefan ; Yeo, Anders Parameterized Complexity Results for General Factors in Bipartite Graphs with an Application to Constraint ProgrammingArtikel Article2012
19Gemsa, Andreas ; Niedermann, Benjamin ; Nöllenburg, Martin Placing Labels in Road Maps: Algorithms and ComplexityArtikel Article 2020
20Alon, Noga ; Gutin, Gregory ; Kim, Eun Jung ; Szeider, Stefan ; Yeo, Anders Solving MAX-r-SAT Above a Tight Lower BoundArtikel Article2011