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Applied Mathematics and Optimization
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1Grandits, Peter "Existence and asymptotic behavior of an optimal barrier for an optimal consumption problem in a Brownian Model with absorption and finite time horizonArtikel Article2014
2Veliov, Vladimir ; Vuong, P. T. Gradient Methods on Strongly Convex Feasible Sets and Optimal Control of Affine SystemsArtikel Article 2018
3Osmolovskii-2023-Applied Mathematics and Optimization-vor.pdf.jpgOsmolovskii, N P ; Veliov, Vladimir On the Strong Subregularity of the Optimality Mapping in an Optimal Control Problem with Pointwise Inequality Control ConstraintsArticle Artikel 13-Mar-2023
4Grandits, Peter Optimal Consumption in a Brownian Model with Absorption and Finite Time HorizonArtikel Article2013
5Belyakov, Anton O. ; Tsachev, Tsvetomir ; Veliov, Vladimir M. Optimal control of heterogeneous systems with endogenous domain of heterogeneityArtikel Article2011
6Skritek, Bernhard ; Tsachev, Tsvetomir ; Veliov, Vladimir M. Optimality conditions and the Hamiltonian for a distributed optimal control problem on controlled domainArtikel Article2014
7Brzeźniak, Zdzisław ; Dhariwal, Gaurav ; Le Gia, Quoc Thong Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations on a Thin Sperical DomainArtikel Article 2020
8Davoli-2023-Applied Mathematics and Optimization-vor.pdf.jpgDavoli, Elisa ; Ferreira, Rita ; Kreisbeck, Carolin ; Schönberger, Hidde Structural Changes in Nonlocal Denoising Models Arising Through Bi-Level Parameter LearningArticle Artikel 2023
9Jüngel, Ansgar ; Stefanelli, Ulisse ; Trussardi, Lara Two structure-preserving time discretizations for gradient flowsArtikel Article Dec-2019
10Gu, Lingqi ; Yin, Yiqing ; Yang, Junjian Utility maximization problem under transaction costs: optimal dual processes and stabilityArtikel Article 2021