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1Till, Petra ; Mach, Robert L. ; Mach-Aigner, Astrid R. A current view on long noncoding RNAs in yeast and filamentous fungiArtikel Article 2018
2Karaffa, Levente ; Díaz, Rafael ; Papp, Benedek ; Fekete, Erzsébet ; Sándor, Erzsébet ; Kubicek, Christian P. A deficiency of manganese ions in the presence of high sugar concentrations is the critical parameter for achieving high yields of itaconic acid by Aspergillus terreusArtikel Article2015
3Uzbas, Fatma ; Sezerman, Ugur ; Hartl, Lukas ; Kubicek, Christian P. ; Seiboth, Bernhard A homologous production system for Trichoderma reesei secreted proteins in a cellulase-free backgroundArtikel Article2012
4Pauk, Jan Niklas ; Raju Palanisamy, Janani ; Kager, Julian ; Koczka, Krisztina ; Berghammer, Gerald ; Herwig, Christoph ; Veiter, Lukas Advances in monitoring and control of refolding kinetics combining PAT and modelingArtikel Article 2021
5Ehgartner, Daniela ; Herwig, Christoph ; Neutsch, Lukas At-line determination of spore inoculum quality in Penicillium chrysogenum bioprocessesArtikel Article 2016
6Ehgartner Daniela - 2016 - At-line determining spore germination of Penicillium...pdf.jpgEhgartner, Daniela ; Fricke, Jens ; Schröder, Andreas ; Herwig, Christoph At-line determining spore germination of Penicillium chrysogenum bioprocesses in complex mediaArticle Artikel Oct-2016
7Bučko, Marek ; Gemeiner, Peter ; Schenkmayerová, Andrea ; Krajčovič, Tomáš ; Rudroff, Florian ; Mihovilovič, Marko D. Baeyer-Villiger oxidations: biotechnological approachArtikel Article 2016
8Wang, Li-Wei ; Xu, Bai-Ge ; Wang, Jia-Ying ; Su, Zhen-Zhu ; Lin, Fu-Cheng ; Zhang, Chu-Long ; Kubicek, Christian P. Bioactive metabolites from Phoma species, an endophytic fungus from the Chinese medicinal plant Arisaema erubescensArtikel Article2012
9Reisky, Lukas ; Stanetty, Christian ; Mihovilovic, Marko D. ; Schweder, Thomas ; Hehemann, Jan-Hendrik ; Bornscheuer, Uwe T. Biochemical characterization of an ulvan lyase from the marine flavobacterium Formosa agariphila KMM 3901ᵀArtikel Article 2018
10Schuster, André ; Schmoll, Monika Biology and biotechnology of TrichodermaArtikel Article2010
11Qureshi, N. ; Friedl, A. ; Maddox, I. S. Butanol production from concentrated lactose/whey permeate: Use of pervaporation membrane to recover and concentrate productArtikel Article2014
12Gaderer, Romana ; Bonazza, Klaus ; Seidl-Seiboth, Verena Cerato-platanins: a fungal protein family with intriguing properties and application potentialArtikel Article2014
13Zhang, Chu-Long ; Zheng, Bi-Qiang ; Lao, Jia-Ping ; Mao, Li-Juan ; Chen, Shao-Yuan ; Kubicek, Christian Peter ; Lin, Fu-Cheng Clavatol and patulin formation as the antagonistic principle of Aspergillus clavatonanicus an endophytic fungus of Taxus maireiArtikel Article2008
14Zalai Denes - 2016 - A control strategy to investigate the relationship between...pdf.jpgZalai, Dénes ; Hevér, Helga ; Lovász, Krisztina ; Molnár, Dóra ; Wechselberger, Patrick ; Hofer, Alexandra ; Párta, László ; Putics, Ákos ; Herwig, Christoph A control strategy to investigate the relationship between specific productivity and high-mannose glycoforms in CHO cellsArticle Artikel Aug-2016
15Spadiut Oliver - 2016 - The E coli pET expression system revisited--mechanistic...pdf.jpgSpadiut, Oliver ; Wurm, David Johannes ; Veiter, Lukas ; Ulonska, Sophia ; Eggenreich, Britta ; Herwig, Christoph The E. coli pET expression system revisited—mechanistic correlation between glucose and lactose uptakeArticle Artikel Oct-2016
16Hartinger, Doris ; Schwartz, Heidi ; Hametner, Christian ; Schatzmayr, Gerd ; Haltrich, Dietmar ; Moll, Wulf-Dieter Enzyme characteristics of aminotransferase FumI of Sphingopyxis sp. MTA144 for deamination of hydrolyzed fumonisin B1Artikel Article2011
17Aghcheh, Razieh Karimi ; Kubicek, Christian P. Epigenetics as an emerging tool for improvement of fungal strains used in biotechnologyArtikel Article 2015
18Regnat, K. ; Mach, R. L. ; Mach-Aigner, A. R. Erythritol as sweetener-wherefrom and whereto?Artikel Article 2018
19Dudek, Hanna M. ; Fink, Michael J. ; Shivange, Amol V. ; Dennig, Alexander ; Mihovilovic, Marko D. ; Schwaneberg, Ulrich ; Fraaije, Marco W. Extending the substrate scope of a Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase by multiple-site mutagenesisArtikel Article2014
20Veiter Lukas - 2018 - The filamentous fungal pellet--relationship between...pdf.jpgVeiter, Lukas ; Rajamanickam, Vignesh ; Herwig, Christoph The filamentous fungal pellet—relationship between morphology and productivityArticle Artikel Apr-2018