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1Buttazzoni, Michele ; Zenz, Constantin ; Otto, Andreas ; Gómez Vázquez, Rodrigo ; Liedl, Gerhard ; Arias, Jorge Luis A Numerical Investigation of Laser Beam Welding of Stainless Steel Sheets with a GapArtikel Article 2021
2Kabliman, Evgeniya ; Ruban, Andrei ; Blaha, Peter ; Peil, Oleg ; Schwarz, Karlheinz Ab Initio Study of Lattice Site Occupancies in Binary Phases Using a Single-Site Mean Field ModelArtikel Article 2012
3Meghdouri-2018-Applied Sciences-vor.pdf.jpgMeghdouri, Fares ; Zseby, Tanja ; Iglesias Vázquez, Félix Analysis of Lightweight Feature Vectors for Attack Detection in Network TrafficArticle Artikel Nov-2018
4Hayden, Jakob ; Baumgartner, Bettina ; Lendl, Bernhard Anomalous humidity dependence in photoacoustic spectroscopy of CO explained by kinetic coolingArtikel Article 2020
5Reiterer, Michael ; Bettinelli, Lara ; Schellander, Janez ; Stollwitzer, Andreas ; Fink, Josef Application of Vehicle-Based Indirect Structural Health Monitoring Method to Railway Bridges - Simulation and In Situ TestArticle Artikel 2-Oct-2023
6Pacha-2018-Applied Sciences-vor.pdf.jpgPacha, Alexander ; Hajič, jr., Jan ; Calvo-Zaragoza, Jorge A Baseline for General Music Object Detection with Deep LearningArticle Artikel Sep-2018
7Kirchsteiger, Bernadette ; Kistler, Magdalena ; Steinkogler, Thomas ; Herzig, Christopher ; Limbeck, Andreas ; Schmidt, Christian ; Rieder, Harald ; Kasper-Giebl, Anne Combination of Different Approaches to Infer Local or Regional Contributions to PM2.5 Burdens in Graz, AustriaArtikel Article 19-Jun-2020
8Piacun, Daria ; Ionescu, Tudor B. ; Schlund, Sebastian Crowdsourced Evaluation of Robot Programming Environments: Methodology and ApplicationArtikel Article 2021
9Untermarzoner-2023-Applied Sciences-vor.pdf.jpgUntermarzoner, Franz ; Kollegger, Johann ; Rath, Michael ; Gaßner, Kerstin ; Huber, Tobias Deck Slab Elements for the Accelerated Construction of Steel–Concrete Composite BridgesArticle Artikel 3-Jul-2023
10Altun, Altan Alpay ; Prochaska, Thomas ; Konegger, Thomas ; Schwentenwein, Martin Dense, Strong, and Precise Silicon Nitride-Based Ceramic Parts by Lithography-Based Ceramic ManufacturingArtikel Article 2020
11Greilinger, Marion ; Zbiral, Johannes ; Kasper-Giebl, Anne Desert dust contribution to PM10 loads in Styria (Southern Austria) and impact on exceedance of limit values from 2013-2018Artikel Article 2019
12Stojadinovic, Slavenko M. ; Majstorovic, Vidosav D. ; Gąska, Adam ; Sładek, Jerzy ; Durakbasa, Numan M. Development of a Coordinate Measuring Machine-Based Inspection Planning System for Industry 4.0Artikel Article 2021
13Klampfl, Bernhard ; Müller, Robert D. ; Rosenberg, Egon-Erwin Development of a Negative-Thermal Gradient GC for Fast Gas Chromatography and Its Application for the Study of Volatile Products Formed in Lithium-Ion BatteriesArtikel Article2021
14Zhang, Shaohua ; Yuan, Yong ; Yang, Yusheng ; Li, Chong ; Mang, Herbert A. Dynamic Performance of Soil-Tunnel System under Transverse Sinusoidal ExcitationsArtikel Article 2021
15Ilo Albana - 2018 - Effectiveness of Distributed vs Concentrated VoltVar Local...pdf.jpgIlo, Albana ; Schultis, Daniel-Leon ; Schirmer, Christian Effectiveness of Distributed vs. Concentrated Volt/Var Local Control Strategies in Low-Voltage GridsArticle Artikel 2018
16Elenkov-2022-Applied Sciences-vor.pdf.jpgElenkov, Martin ; Lukitsch, Benjamin ; Ecker, Paul ; Janeczek, Christoph ; Harasek, Michael ; Gföhler, Margit Evaluation of Different Control Algorithms for Carbon Dioxide Removal with Membrane OxygenatorsArticle Artikel 1-Dec-2022
17Belyaeva, Inna A. ; Klepp, Jürgen ; Lemmel, Hartmut ; Shamonin, Mikhail Feasibility of Probing the Filler Restructuring in Magnetoactive Elastomers by Ultra-Small-Angle Neutron ScatteringArtikel Article 2021
18Steindl, Gernot ; Stagl, Martin ; Kasper, Lukas ; Kastner, Wolfgang ; Hofmann, Rene Generic Digital Twin Architecture for Industrial Energy SystemsArtikel Article 2020
19Katona-2024-APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL-vor.pdf.jpgKatona, Tímea ; Flores-Orozco, Adrián ; Aigner, Lukas ; Benold, Christian Graphite content identification with laboratory and field spectral induced polarization measurementsArticle Artikel 2024
20Zauner, Sabine ; Rosenberg, Egon-Erwin Identification of Malodorous Compounds in a Non-Food Product by Using Different Chromatographic TechniquesArtikel Article2021