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1Weber, T. ; Hametner, B. ; Eber, B. ; Wassertheurer, S. 24 hours pulsatile hemodynamics in borderline versus resistant hypertensivesArtikel Article 2013
2Sluyter, J. ; Hughes, A. ; Lowe, A. ; Parker, K. ; Hametner, B. ; Wassertheurer, S. ; Scragg, R. Antihypertensive medicines of up to 4-drug combinations in a large, community-based study: differential relationships with brachial blood pressure and aortic waveform parametersArtikel Article 2014
3Weber, T. ; Haiden, A. ; Hametner, B. ; Mayer, C.C. ; Kropf, J. ; Wassertheurer, S. ; Eber, B. Aortic pulse wave velocity, estimated with a simplified method based on radial waveforms and body height, predicts cardiovascular eventsArtikel Article 2011
4Sluyter, J. ; Hughes, A. ; Lowe, A. ; Parker, K. ; Hametner, B. ; Wassertheurer, S. ; Scragg, R. Arterial waveform measures in the vitamin D assessment (ViDA) study: Relationships with lifestyle and cardiovascular factorsArtikel Article 2014
5Nunan, D. ; Wassertheurer, S. ; Lasserson, D. ; Hametner, B. ; Flemming, S. ; Ward, A. ; Heneghan, C. Assessment of central haemodynamics and arterial stiffness in the community - are we there yet?Artikel Article 2011
6Pucci, G. ; Battista, F. ; Settimi, L. ; Hametner, B. ; Wassertheurer, S. ; Schillaci, G. Blood pressure-independent association between aortic characteristic impedance and left ventricular mass in hypertensionArtikel Article 2012
7Bachler, M. ; Hametner, B. ; Mayer, C. ; Weber, T. ; Eber, B. ; Wassertheurer, S. Comparison of transit time estimation methods for the determination of pulse wave velocityArtikel Article 2014
8Weber, T. ; Haiden, A. ; Wassertheurer, S. ; Mayer, C.C. ; Hametner, B. ; Kropf, J. ; Eber, B. Distance measurement for pulse wave velocity calculation - comparison with invavise findingsArtikel Article 2011
9Hametner, Bernhard ; Mayer, Christopher ; Köster, Jelena ; Weber, Johannes ; Reppel, Michael ; Franzen, Klaas ; Kaniusas, Eugenijus ; Wassertheurer, Siegfried ; Mortensen, Kai Diurnal changes in central pressure and pulse wave parameters in healthy subjectsArtikel Article 2016
10Pucci, G. ; Hametner, B. ; Battista, F. ; Anastasio, F. ; Wassertheurer, S. ; Schillaci, G. Excess pressure is independently related to LV mass and concentric geometry in essential hypertensionArtikel Article 2014
11Lurf, R. ; Semerad, R. ; Meindl, M. ; Mayer, C. ; Hametner, B. ; Weber, T. ; Wassertheurer, S. Frequency Response of Blood Pressure Cuffs based on Step Response and forced sinusoidal harmonic ExcitationArtikel Article 2013
12Wassertheurer, Siegfried ; Mayer, Christopher ; Hametner, Bernhard ; Meindl, M. ; Weber, Thomas Identification of framework conditions in cuff based blood measurement systemsArtikel Article 2014
13Hametner, B. ; Weber, T. ; Parragh, S. ; Eber, B. ; Wassertheurer, S. Impaired systolic function is associated with altered forward wave intensityArtikel Article 2014
14Wassertheurer, Siegfried ; Hametner, Bernhard ; Mayer, Christopher ; Eber, B. ; Weber, T. Invasive Assessment of Aortic Pressure Waves: Comparison between Pressure Wire and Fluid Filled CatheterArtikel Article 2009
15Wassertheurer, S. ; Hametner, B. ; Weber, T. Model based estimation of aortic pulse wave velocityArtikel Article 2011
16Parragh, S. ; Hametner, B. ; Weber, T. ; Eber, B. ; Wassertheurer, S. The decay of aortic blood pressure during diastole: Influence of an asymptotic pressure level on the exponential fitArtikel Article 2014
17Orter, Stefan ; Möstl, Stefan ; Bachler, Martin ; Hoffmann, Fabian ; Mayer, Christopher ; Kaniusas, Eugenijus ; Reisinger, Michaela ; Wassertheurer, Siegfried ; Tank, Jens ; Hametner, Bernhard The Progression of Left Ventricular Ejection Time in Simulated MicrogravityArtikel Article 2020
18Segers, P. ; Parker, K. ; Westerhof, Nico ; Hughes, Alun ; Hametner, Bernhard Towards a consensus on the understanding and analysis of the pulse waveform: Results from the 2016 Workshop on Arterial Hemodynamics: Past, present and future.Artikel Article 2017
19Weber, Thomas ; Wassertheurer, Siegfried ; Middlemiss, Jessica ; McEniery, Carmel Mary ; Hametner, Bernhard ; Mayer, Christopher Clemens ; Binder, Ronald Karl ; Feistritzer, Hans-Josef ; Klug, Gert ; Metzler, Bernhard Validation of a Method to Estimate Stroke Volume from Brachial-cuff Derived Pressure WaveformsArtikel Article 2020
20Hametner, B. ; Wassertheurer, S. ; Kropf, J. ; Mayer, C. ; Eber, B. ; Weber, T. Windkessel-model derived reservoir and excess pressures predict cardiovascular events in high-risk patientsArtikel Article 2012