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Artificial Intelligence
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1Dvorak, Wolfgang ; Baumann, Ringo ; Linsbichler, Thomas ; Woltran, Stefan A general notion of equivalence for abstract argumentationArtikel Article 2019
2Saribatur, Zeynep G. ; Eiter, Thomas ; Schüller, Peter Abstraction for non-ground answer set programsArtikel Article 2021
3Linsbichler-2022-Artificial Intelligence-vor.pdf.jpgLinsbichler, Thomas ; Maratea, Marco ; Niskanen, Andreas ; Wallner, Johannes P. ; Woltran, Stefan Advanced algorithms for abstract dialectical frameworks based on complexity analysis of subclasses and SAT solvingArticle Artikel Jun-2022
4Kim, Eun Jung ; Ordyniak, Sebastian ; Szeider, Stefan Algorithms and Complexity Results for Persuasive ArgumentationArtikel Article2011
5Chatterjee, Krishnendu ; Dvořák, Wolfgang ; Henzinger, Monika ; Svozil, Alexander Algorithms and conditional lower bounds for planning problemsArtikel Article 2021
6Strass, Hannes ; Wallner, Johannes Peter Analyzing the computational complexity of abstract dialectical frameworks via approximation fixpoint theoryArtikel Article2015
7Dvořák, Wolfgang ; Ordyniak, Sebastian ; Szeider, Stefan Augmenting Tractable Fragments of Abstract ArgumentationArtikel Article2012
8Kronegger, Martin ; Ordyniak, Sebastian ; Pfandler, Andreas Backdoors to planningArtikel Article 2019
9Fichte, Johannes Klaus ; Szeider, Stefan Backdoors to tractable answer-set programmingArtikel Article2015
10Gottlob, Georg ; Pichler, Reinhard ; Wei, Fang Bounded treewidth as a key to tractability of knowledge representation and reasoningArtikel Article2010
11Eiter, Thomas ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas Causes and Explanations in the Structural-Model Approach: Tractable CasesArtikel Article2006
12Dunne, Paul E. ; Dvořák, Wolfgang ; Linsbichler, Thomas ; Woltran, Stefan Characteristics of multiple viewpoints in abstract argumentationArtikel Article2015
13Oikarinen, Emilia ; Woltran, Stefan Characterizing strong equivalence for argumentation frameworksArtikel Article2011
14Bernreiter-2022-Artificial Intelligence-vor.pdf.jpgBernreiter, Michael ; Maly, Jan ; Woltran, Stefan Choice logics and their computational propertiesArticle Artikel Oct-2022
15Eiter, Thomas ; Ianni, Giovambattista ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas ; Schindlauer, Roman ; Tompits, Hans Combining Answer Set Programming with Description Logics for the Semantic WebArtikel Article2008
16Dvořák, Wolfgang ; Woltran, Stefan Complexity of abstract argumentation under a claim-centric viewArtikel Article 2020
17Dvořák, Wolfgang ; Järvisalo, Matti ; Wallner, Johannes Peter ; Woltran, Stefan Complexity-Sensitive Decision Procedures for Abstract ArgumentationArtikel Article2014
18Eiter, Thomas ; Fink, Michael ; Stepanova, Daria Data repair of inconsistent nonmonotonic description logic programsArtikel Article 2016
19Gaggl, Sarah A. ; Linsbichler, Thomas ; Maratea, Marco ; Woltran, Stefan Design and results of the Second International Competition on Computational Models of ArgumentationArtikel Article 2020
20Shen, Yi-Dong ; Eiter, Thomas Determining Inference Semantics for Disjunctive Logic ProgramsArtikel Article 2019