Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

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Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
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1Sonnleitner Elisabeth - 2018 - Assessment of zeolite 13X and LewatitR VP OC 1065...pdf.jpgSonnleitner, Elisabeth ; Schöny, Gerhard ; Hofbauer, Hermann Assessment of zeolite 13X and Lewatit® VP OC 1065 for application in a continuous temperature swing adsorption process for biogas upgradingArticle Artikel Jun-2018
2Kraussler Michael - 2016 - Behavior of GCMS tar components in a water gas shift...pdf.jpgKraussler, Michael ; Binder, Matthias ; Hofbauer, Hermann Behavior of GCMS tar components in a water gas shift unit operated with tar-rich product gas from an industrial scale dual fluidized bed biomass steam gasification plantArticle Artikel Mar-2017
3Rehling, Barbara ; Hofbauer, Hermann ; Rauch, Reinhard ; Aichernig, Christian BioSNG - process simulation and comparison with first results from a 1-MW demonstration plantArtikel Article 2011
4Pfeifer, Christoph ; Koppatz, Stefan ; Hofbauer, Hermann Catalysts for dual fluidised bed biomass gasification - an experimental study at the pilot plant scaleArtikel Article 2011
5Mauerhofer Anna Magdalena - 2019 - CO2 gasification of biogenic fuels in a dual...pdf.jpgMauerhofer, Anna Magdalena ; Müller, Stefan ; Benedikt, Florian ; Fuchs, Josef ; Bartik, Alexander ; Hofbauer, Hermann CO2 gasification of biogenic fuels in a dual fluidized bed reactor systemArticle Artikel Aug-2021
6Schmid, Johannes C. ; Pröll, Tobias ; Kitzler, Hannes ; Pfeifer, Christoph ; Hofbauer, Hermann Cold flow model investigations of the countercurrent flow of a dual circulating fluidized bed gasifierArtikel Article 2012
7Hofbauer-2023-Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery-vor.pdf.jpgHofbauer, Cornelia ; Serna-Loaiza, Sebastian ; Irmgard Windisch ; Scolari, Luisa ; Koyun, Ayse Nur ; Zelaya-Lainez, Luis ; Füssl, Josef ; Grothe, Hinrich ; Hirn, Ulrich ; Friedl, Anton ; Harasek, Michael Comparison of coupled chemical pretreatment and mechanical refining of spruce sawdust: fiber network properties and initial production of lignin-bonded biocompositesArticle Artikel 21-Jan-2023
8Mauerhofer-2021-Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery-vor.pdf.jpgMauerhofer, A. M. ; Müller, S. ; Bartik, A. ; Benedikt, F. ; Fuchs, J. ; Hammerschmid, M. ; Hofbauer, H. Conversion of CO₂ during the DFB biomass gasification processArtikel Article Feb-2021
9Lunzer, A. ; Kraft, S. ; Müller, S. ; Hofbauer, H. CPFD simulation of a dual fluidized bed cold flow modelArtikel Article 2021
10Loipersböck, J. ; Weber, G. ; Rauch, R. ; Hofbauer, H. Developing an adsorption-based gas cleaning system for a dual fluidized bed gasification processArtikel Article 2021
11Kraussler Michael - 2016 - Development and experimental validation of a water...pdf.jpgKraussler, Michael ; Hofbauer, Hermann Development and experimental validation of a water gas shift kinetic model for Fe-/Cr-based catalysts processing product gas from biomass steam gasificationArticle Artikel Jun-2017
12Mueller-2021-Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery-vor.pdf.jpgMüller, Stefan ; Theiss, Lara ; Fleiß, Benjamin ; Hammerschmid, Martin ; Fuchs, Josef ; Penthor, Stefan ; Rosenfeld, Daniel C. ; Lehner, Markus ; Hofbauer, Hermann Dual fluidized bed based technologies for carbon dioxide reduction - example hot metal productionArtikel Article Feb-2021
13Hofbauer, Hermann Editorial to the special thematic issue "Advances in Thermo-chemical Gasification of Biomass and Syngas Applications" with selected contributions from the "International Conference on Polygeneration Strategies 2019" (ICPS19)Artikel Article2021
14Hammerschmid-2021-Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery-vor.pdf.jpgHammerschmid, Martin ; Müller, Stefan ; Fuchs, Josef ; Hofbauer, Hermann Evaluation of biomass-based production of below zero emission reducing gas for the iron and steel industryArtikel Article Feb-2021
15Fleiß, Benjamin ; Bartik, Alexander ; Priscak, Juraj ; Benedikt, Florian ; Fuchs, Josef ; Müller, Stefan ; Hofbauer, Hermann Experimental demonstration of 80 kWth chemical looping combustion of biogenic feedstock coupled with direct CO2 utilization by exhaust gas methanationArticle Artikel 10-May-2023
16Bartik-2023-Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery-vor.pdf.jpgBartik, Alexander ; Benedikt, Florian ; Fuchs, Josef ; Hofbauer, Hermann ; Müller, Stefan Experimental investigation of hydrogen-intensified synthetic natural gas production via biomass gasification: a technical comparison of different production pathwaysArticle Artikel 2023
17Gruber Hannes - 2019 - Fischer-Tropsch products from biomass-derived syngas and...pdf.jpgGruber, Hannes ; Groß, Peter ; Rauch, Reinhard ; Reichhold, Alexander ; Zweiler, Richard ; Aichernig, Christian ; Müller, Stefan ; Ataimisch, Nabeel ; Hofbauer, Hermann Fischer-Tropsch products from biomass-derived syngas and renewable hydrogenArticle Artikel Dec-2021
18Gruber, Hannes ; Groß, Peter ; Rauch, Reinhard ; Reichhold, Alexander ; Zweiler, Richard ; Aichernig, Christian ; Müller, Stefan ; Ataimisch, Nabeel ; Hofbauer, Hermann Fischer-Tropsch products from biomass-derived syngas and renewable hydrogenArtikel Article 2021
19Wilk, Veronika ; Kitzler, Hannes ; Koppatz, Stefan ; Pfeifer, Christoph ; Hofbauer, Hermann Gasification of waste wood and bark in a dual fluidized bed steam gasifierArtikel Article 2011
20Bielansky, Peter ; Weinert, Alexander ; Schönberger, Christoph ; Reichhold, Alexander Gasoline and gaseous hydrocarbons from fatty acids via catalytic crackingArtikel Article 2012