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1Pastrama, Maria-Ioana ; Scheiner, Stefan ; Pivonka, Peter ; Hellmich, Christian A Mathematical Multiscale Model of Bone Remodeling, Accounting for Pore Space-Specific MechanosensationArtikel Article 2018
2Colloca, Michele ; Blanchard, Romane ; Hellmich, Christian ; Ito, Keita ; van Rietbergen, Bert A Multiscale Analytical Approach for Bone Remodeling Simulations: Linking Scales from Collagen to TrabeculaeArtikel Article2014
3Dall'Ara, E. ; Luisier, B. ; Schmidt, R. ; Kainberger, F. ; Zysset, P. ; Pahr, D. A Nonlinear QCT-Based Finite Element Model Validation Study for the Human Femur Tested in Two Configurations in VitroArtikel Article 2013
4Varga, P. ; Zysset, P.K. Assessment of Volume Fraction and Fabric in the Distal Radius Using HR-pQCTArtikel Article 2009
5Chevalier, Yan ; Quek, Evelyn ; Borah, Babul ; Gross, Gary ; Stewart, John ; Lang, Thomas ; Zysset, Philippe Biomechanical Effets of Teriparatide in Women with Osteoporosis Treated Previously with Alendronate and Risedronate: Results from Quantitative Computed Tomography-Based Finite Element Analysis of the Vertebral BodyArtikel Article 2010
6Thurner, Philipp J. Commentary on: Mechanical Properties of Cortical Bone and their Relationships with Age, Gender, Composition and Microindentation Properties in the ElderlyArtikel Article 2016
7Zysset, Philippe ; Pahr, Dieter ; Engelke, Klaus ; Genant, Harry K. ; McClung, Michael R. ; Kendler, David L. ; Recknor, Christopher ; Kinzl, Michael ; Schwiedrzik, Jakob ; Museyko, Oleg ; Wang, Andrea ; Libanati, Cesar Comparison of Proximal Femur and Vertebral Body Strength Improvements in the FREEDOM Trial Using an Alternative Finite Element MethodologyArtikel Article 2015
8Iori, Gianluca ; Schneider, Johannes ; Reisinger, Andreas ; Heyer, Frans ; Peralta, Laura ; Wyers, Caroline ; Glüer, Claus C. ; van den Bergh, J.P. ; Pahr, Dieter ; Raum, Kay Cortical thinning and accumulation of large cortical pores in the tibia reflect local structural deterioration of the femoral neckArtikel Article 2020
9Frank, Martin ; Grabos, Andreas ; Reisinger, Andreas G. ; Burr, David B. ; Pahr, Dieter H. ; Allen, Matthew R. ; Thurner, Philipp J. Effects of anti-resorptive treatment on the material properties of individual canine trabeculae in cyclic tensile testsArtikel Article 2021
10Schwiedrzik, J.J. ; Kaudela, K.-H. ; Burner, U. ; Zysset, P.K. Fabric-Mechanical Property Relationships of Trabecular Bone Allografts are Altered by Supercritical CO2 Treatment and Gamma SterilizationArtikel Article 2011
11Hosseini, Hadi S. ; Dünki, Andreas ; Fabech, Jonas ; Stauber, Martin ; Vilayphiou, Nicolas ; Pahr, Dieter ; Pretterklieber, Michael ; Wandel, Jasmin ; Rietbergen, Bert van ; Zysset, Philippe K. Fast Estimation of Colles' Fracture Load of the Distal Section of the Radius by Homogenized Finite Element Analysis Based on HR-pQCTArtikel Article 2017
12Graeff, Christian ; Marin, Fernando ; Petto, Helmut ; Kayser, Ole ; Reisinger, Andreas ; Peña, Jaime ; Zysset, Philippe ; Glüer, Claus-Christian High-Resolution Quantitative Computed Tomography-Based Assessment of Trabecular Microstructure and Strength Estimates by Finite-Element Analysis of the Spine, but not DXA, Reflects Vertebral Fracture Status in Men with Glucocorticoid-Induced OsteoporosisArtikel Article 2013
13Varga, Peter ; Pahr, Dieter H. ; Baumbach, Sebastian ; Zysset, Philippe K. HR-pQCT Based FE Analysis of the Most Distal Radius Section Provides an Improved Prediction of Colles' Fracture Load in VitroArtikel Article 2010
14Hengsberger, Stefan ; Ammann, Patrick ; Legros, Brian ; Rizzoli, René ; Zysset, Philippe Intrinsic Bone Tissue Properties in Adult Rat Vertebrae: Modulation by Dietary ProteinArtikel Article 2005
15Paschalis, E.P. ; Tatakis, D.N. ; Robins, S. ; Fratzl, P. ; Manjubala, I. ; Zoehrer, R. ; Gamsjaeger, S. ; Buchinger, B. ; Roschger, A. ; Phipps, R. ; Boskey, A.L. ; Dall'Ara, E. ; Varga, P. ; Zysset, P. ; Klaushofer, K. ; Roschger, P. Lathyrism-Induced Alterations in Collagen Cross-Links Influence the Mechanical Properties of Bone Material without Affecting the MineralArtikel Article 2011
16Dall'Ara, E. ; Schmidt, R. ; Zysset, P. Microindentation Can Discriminate Between Damaged and Intact Human Bone TissueArtikel Article 2012
17Wolfram, Uwe ; Wilke, Hans-Joachim ; Zysset, Philippe K. Rehydration of Vertebral Trabecular Bone: Influences on its Anisotropy, its Stiffness and the Indentation Work with a View to Age, Gender and Vertebral LevelArtikel Article 2010
18Pemmer, B. ; Roschger, A. ; Wastl, A. ; Hofstaetter, J.G. ; Wobrauschek, P. ; Simon, R. ; Thaler, H.W. ; Roschger, P. ; Klaushofer, K. ; Streli, C. Spatial distribution of the trace elements zinc, strontium and lead in human bone tissueArtikel Article 2013
19Muschitz, Christian ; Kocijan, Roland ; Haschka, Judith ; Pahr, Dieter ; Kaider, Alexandra ; Pietschmann, Peter ; Hans, Didier ; Muschitz, Gabriela Katharina ; Fahrleitner-Pammer, Astrid ; Resch, Heinrich TBS Reflects Trabecular Microarchitecture in Premenopausal Women and Men with Idiopathic Osteoporosis and Low-Traumatic FracturesArtikel Article 2015
20Katsamenis, Orestis L. ; Jenkins, Thomas ; Thurner, Philipp J. Toughness and Damage Susceptibility in Human Cortical Bone is Proportional to Mechanical Inhomogeneity at the Osteonal-LevelArtikel Article 2015