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1Urban, Harald ; Fischer, Simon ; Schranz, Christian Adapting to an OpenBIM Building Permit Process: A Case Study Using the Example of the City of ViennaArticle Artikel Apr-2024
2Klaric, Sanela ; Korjenic, Azra ; Hollands, Jutta ; Subasic, Lamija Advantages of an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Sustainable Development of Two Scenarios in Bosnia and HerzegovinaArtikel Article 2019
3Garcia, Juan ; Kranzl, Lukas Ambition Levels of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) Definitions: An Approach for Cross-Country ComparisonArtikel Article 2018
4Gerger, Alexander ; Urban, Harald ; Schranz, Christian Augmented Reality for Building Authorities: A Use Case Study in AustriaArticle Artikel 4-Jun-2023
5Urban-2022-Buildings-vor.pdf.jpgUrban, Harald ; Pelikan, Gabriel ; Schranz, Christian Augmented Reality in AEC Education: A Case StudyArticle Artikel 22-Mar-2022
6Santana-Sosa-2022-Buildings-vor.pdf.jpgSantana Sosa, Aída ; Kovacic, Iva Barriers, Opportunities and Recommendations to Enhance the Adoption of Timber within Multi-Storey Buildings in AustriaArticle Artikel 9-Sep-2022
7Salonen-2023-Buildings-vor.pdf.jpgSalonen, Tarja ; Fischer, Henriette ; Korjenic, Azra Chopped Straw as an Insulation Material: The Influence of Different Blow-In Technologies and Flame Retardants on Hygrothermal PropertiesArticle Artikel Oct-2023
8Fischer-2023-Buildings-vor.pdf.jpgFischer, Henriette ; Korjenic, Azra Hygrothermal Performance of Bio-Based Exterior Wall Constructions and Their Resilience under Air Leakage and Moisture LoadArticle Artikel Oct-2023
9Sibenik, Goran ; Kovacic, Iva ; Petrinas, Valentinas ; Sprenger, Wendelin Implementation of Open Data Exchange between Architectural Design and Structural Analysis ModelsArtikel Article 2021
10Stojanovic, Djordje ; Vujovic, Milica Indoor Positioning Simulation for Examination and Correction of Occupancy Density Limits in Architectural DesignArticle Artikel 7-Jul-2022
11Korjenic-2023-Buildings-vor.pdf.jpgKorjenic, Azra ; Klaric, Sanela ; Aktee, Abdulkader ; Muslija, Ismar ; Jozic, Dino Link among governance, investment, and design in creating sustainable and livable residential architecture in Germany, Croatia, and Bosnia and HerzegovinaArticle Artikel Sep-2023
12Melnyk-2023-Buildings-vor.pdf.jpgMelnyk, Oleksandr ; Raab, Jacqueline ; Lulei, Frank ÖNORM B 2203-1 as a Supplement to FIDIC Emerald Book in Conventional Tunnel ConstructionArticle Artikel Jul-2023
13Reisinger, Julia ; Kugler, Stefan ; Kovacic, Iva ; Knoll, Maximilian Parametric Optimization and Decision Support Model Framework for Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment of Flexible Industrial Building Structures Integrating Production PlanningArtikel Article 2022
14Fasching, Stephan ; Huber, Tobias ; Rath, Michael ; Kollegger, Johann Semi-Precast Segmental Bridge Construction Method: Experimental Investigation on the Shear Transfer in Longitudinal and Transverse DirectionArtikel Article 2021
15Salonen, Tarja ; Hollands, Jutta ; Sesto, Eldira ; Korjenic, Azra Thermal Effects of Vertical Greening in Summer: An Investigation on Evapotranspiration and Shading of Façade Greening in ViennaArticle Artikel 17-Oct-2022