Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems

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Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems
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RADARWEG 29, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 1043 NX
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1Acitas, Sukru ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Senoglu, Birdal A new partial robust adaptive modified maximum likelihood estimatorArtikel Article 2020
2Croux, Christophe ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Oliveira, Maria Rosario Algorithms for Projection-Pursuit robust principal component analysisArtikel Article2007
3Ramos-Garcia, Victoria ; Ten-Doménech, Isabel ; Moreno-Giménez, Alba ; Gormaz, María ; Parra-Llorca, Anna ; Shephard, Alex P. ; Sepúlveda, Pilar ; Pérez-Guaita, David ; Vento, Máximo ; Lendl, Bernhard ; Quintás, Guillermo ; Kuligowski, Julia ATR-FTIR spectroscopy for the routine quality control of exosome isolationsArtikel Article 2021
4Lubbe, Sugnet ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Templ, Matthias Comparison of Zero Replacement Strategies for Compositional Data with Large Numbers of ZerosArtikel Article 2021
5Felkel, Yulia ; Dörr, Nicole ; Glatz, Florian ; Varmuza, Kurt Determination of the total acid number (TAN) of used gas engine oils by IR and chemometrics applying a combined strategy for variable selectionArtikel Article 2010
6Templ, Matthias ; Hron, Karel ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Gardlo, Alžbӗta Imputation of rounded zeros for high-dimensional compositional dataArtikel Article 2016
7Varmuza, Kurt ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Hilchenbach, Martin ; Krüger, Harald ; Silén, Johan KNN classification - evaluated by repeated double cross validation: Recognition of minerals relevant for comet dustArtikel Article2014
8Kucheryavski, Sergei ; Marks, Christopher ; Varmuza, Kurt Meeting report: Fourth winter symposium on chemometrics - WSC4 "Multivariate data analysis", 15-18 February 2005, Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, ChernogolovkaArtikel Article2005
9Liebminger, Andreas ; Papesch, Wolfgang ; Haberhauer, Georg ; Varmuza, Kurt Multivariate models for the concentration of oxygen-18 in precipitation based on meteorological and geographical featuresArtikel Article 2007
10Serneels, S. ; Croux, Christophe ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Van Espen, P.J. Partial robust M-regressionArtikel Article2005
11Varmuza, Kurt ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Liebmann, Bettina ; Dehmer, Matthias Redundancy analysis for characterizing the correlation between groups of variables - Applied to molecular descriptorsArtikel Article2012
12Kurnaz, Fatma Sevinç ; Hoffmann, Irene ; Filzmoser, Peter Robust and sparse estimation methods for high dimensional linear and logistic regressionArtikel Article 2018
13Walach, Jan ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Hron, Karel ; Walczak, Beata ; Najdekr, Lukáš Robust biomarker identification in a two-class problem based on pairwise log-ratiosArtikel Article 2017
14Serneels, S. ; Croux, Christophe ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Van Espen, P.J. Robust continuum regressionArtikel Article2005
15Rudolf, Mafred ; Jordis, Ulrich Simulation of proton- and carbon-13-NMR spectra of aromatic compounds using a personal computerArtikel Article1989
16Hoffmann, Irene ; Serneels, S. ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Croux, Christophe Sparse partial robust M regressionArtikel Article2015
17Pfeiffer, Pia ; Ronai, Bettina ; Vorlaufer, Georg ; Dörr, Nicole ; Filzmoser, Peter Weighted LASSO variable selection for the analysis of FTIR spectra applied to the prediction of engine oil degradationArticle Artikel 15-Sep-2022