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1Eitelberger, J. ; Hofstetter, K. ; Dvinskikh, S.V. A Multi-Scale Approach for Simulation of Transient Moisture Transport Processes in Wood Below the Fiber Saturation PointArtikel Article2011
2Wimmer, G. ; Pettermann, H.E. A Semi-Analytical Model for the Simulation of Delamination in Laminated CompositesArtikel Article2008
3Schuecker, C. ; Pahr, D.H. ; Pettermann, H.E. Accounting for Residual Stresses in FEM Analyses of Laminated Structures Using the Puck Criterion for Three-Axial Stress StatesArtikel Article2006
4Schwab, M. ; Todt, M. ; Wolfahrt, M. ; Pettermann, H.E. Failure Mechanism Based Modelling of Impact on Fabric Reinforced Composite Laminates Based on Shell ElementsArtikel Article 2016
5Fantner, G. E. ; Rabinovych, Olexander ; Schitter, Georg ; Thurner, Philipp J. ; Kindt, J. H. ; Finch, Marquesa M. ; Weaver, J ; Golde, Laura S. ; Morse, D. E. ; Rangelow, I.W. ; Hansma, Paul K. Hierarchical interconnections in the nano-composite material Bone: Fibrilar Cross-Links resist fracture on several length scalesArtikel Article2006
6Montealegre Melendez, I. ; Neubauer, E. ; Angerer, P. ; Danninger, H. ; Torralba, J.M. Influence of nano-reinforcements on the mechanical properties and microstructure of titanium matrix compositesArtikel Article 2011
7Schöbel, Michael ; Altendorfer, Wolfgang ; Degischer, Hans-Peter ; Vaucher, Sebastien ; Buslaps, Thomas ; Di Michiel, Marco ; Hofmann, Michael Internal stresses and voids in SiC particle reinforced aluminium composites for heat sink applicationsArtikel Article2011
8Böhm, Helmut J. ; Nogales, Sergio Mori–Tanaka models for the thermal conductivity of composites with interfacial resistance and particle size distributionsArtikel Article 2008
9Gager, J. ; Pettermann, H.E. Numerical Homogenization of Textile Composites Based on Shell Element DiscretizationArtikel Article 2012
10Eitelberger, J. ; Hofstetter, K. Prediction of Transport Properties of Wood Below the Fiber Saturation Point - A Multiscale Homogenization Approach and Its Experimental Validation. Part I: Thermal ConductivityArtikel Article2011
11Eitelberger, J. ; Hofstetter, K. Prediction of Transport Properties of Wood Below the Fiber Saturation Point - A Multiscale Homogenization Approach and Its Experimental Validation. Part II: Steady State Moisture Diffusion CoefficientArtikel Article2011
12Poletti, C. ; Balog, M. ; Schubert, T. ; Liedtke, V. ; Edtmaier, C. Production of titanium matrix composites reinforced with SiC particlesArtikel Article 2008
13Robisson, Agathe ; Maheshwari, S. ; Musso, S. ; Thomas, J.J. ; Auzerais, F.M. ; Han, D. ; Qu, M. ; Ulm, F.J. Reactive elastomeric composites: When rubber meets cementArtikel Article2013
14Flatscher, Th. ; Wolfahrt, M. ; Pinter, G. ; Pettermann, H.E. Simulations and Experiments of Open Hole Tension Tests - Assessement of Intra-Ply Plasticity, Damage and LocalizationArtikel Article2012
15Stürzenbecher, R. ; Hofstetter, K. ; Eberhardsteiner, J. Structural Design of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) by Advanced Plate TheoriesArtikel Article2010
16Han, D. ; Qu, M. ; Yue, C.Y. ; Lou, Y. ; Musso, S. ; Robisson, Agathe Swellable elastomeric HNBR-MgO composite: Magnesium oxide as a novel swelling and reinforcement fillerArtikel Article2014
17Han, W ; Eckschlager, A ; Böhm, H.J The Effects of Three-Dimensional Multi-Particle Arrangements on the Mechanical Behavior and Damage Initiation of Particle-Reinforced MMCsArtikel Article2001
18Huber, Thomas ; Degischer, Hans-Peter ; Lefranc, G. ; Schmitt, T. Thermal expansion studies on aluminium-matrix composites with different reinforcement architecture of SiC particlesArtikel Article2006
19Edtmaier, Christian ; Steck, Thomas ; Hula, Robert Christian ; Pambaguian, Laurent ; Hepp, Felicitas Thermo-physical properties and TEM analysis of silver based MMCs utilizing metallized multiwall-carbon nanotubesArtikel Article2010