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Composite Structures
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125 London Wall, London, England, EC2Y 5AS
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1Flatscher, Th. ; Pettermann, H.E. A Constitutive Model for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Plies Accounting for Plasticity and Brittle Damage Including Softening - Implementation for Implicit FEMArtikel Article2011
2Schuecker, C. ; Pettermann, H.E. A Continuum Damage Model for Fiber Reinforced Laminates Based on Ply Failure MechanismsArtikel Article2006
3Stürzenbecher, R. ; Hofstetter, K. Bending of Cross-Ply Laminated Composites: An Accurate and Effiecient Plate Theory Based upon Models of Lekhnitskii and RenArtikel Article2011
4Li, Mingjing ; Füssl, Josef ; Lukacevic, Markus ; Martin, Christopher M. ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef Bending Strength Predictions of Cross-Laminated Timber Plates Subjected to Concentrated Loading Using 3D Finite-Element-Based Limit Analysis ApproachesArtikel Article 2019
5Preinstorfer-2023-Composite Structures-vor.pdf.jpgPreinstorfer, Philipp ; Yanik, Serdar ; Kirnbauer, Johannes ; Lees, Janet M. ; Robisson, Agathe Cracking behaviour of textile-reinforced concrete with varying concrete cover and textile surface finishArticle Artikel 2023
6Auricchio Ferdinando - 2014 - Enhanced modeling approach for multilayer...pdf.jpgAuricchio, Ferdinando ; Balduzzi, Giuseppe ; Khoshgoftar, Mohammad Javad ; Rahimi, Gholamhosein ; Sacco, Elio Enhanced modeling approach for multilayer anisotropic plates based on dimension reduction method and Hellinger–Reissner principleArticle Artikel Dec-2014
7Singer, G. ; Sinn, G. ; Rennhofer, H. ; Schuller, R. ; Grünewald, T.A. ; Unterlass, M.M. ; Windberger, U. ; Lichtenegger, H.C. High performance functional composites by in-situ orientation of carbon nanofillersArtikel Article 2019
8Murin, Justin ; Kugler, Stephan ; Hrabovsky, Juraj ; Kutis, Vladimir ; Paulech, Juraj ; Aminbaghai, Mehdi Influence of Spatially Varying Material Properties on the Bimoment Normal and Shear Stresses by Warping Torsion of FGM BeamsArtikel Article 2021
9Schwab, M. ; Pettermann, H.E. Modeling and Simulation of Damage and Failure in Large Composite Components Subjected to Impact LoadsArtikel Article 2016
10Balduzzi, Giuseppe ; Morganti, Simone ; Füssl, Josef ; Aminbaghai, Mehdi ; Reali, Alessandro ; Auricchio, Ferdinando Modeling the non-trival behavior of anisotropic beams: a simple Tomoshenko beam with enhanced stress recovery and constitutive relationsArticle Artikel 1-Dec-2019
11Schwab, M. ; Todt, M. ; Tauchner, J. ; Schlie, D. ; Pettermann, H.E. Modeling, simulation, and experiments of high velocity impact on laminated compositesArtikel Article 2018
12Murin, Justin ; Hrabovsky, Juraj ; Aminbaghai, Mehdi ; Gogola, Roman ; Goga, Vladimír ; Janíček, František ; Kugler, Stephan Modelling and Simulation of Power Lines Made of Composite StructuresArtikel Article 2018
13Preinstorfer, Philipp ; Kollegger, Johann New insights into the splitting failure of textile-reinforced concreteArtikel Article 2020
14Arslan, Eray ; Mack, Werner Shrink fit with solid inclusion and functionally graded hubArtikel Article 2015
15Asur Vijaya Kumar, Pavan Kumar ; Li, Pengfei ; Reinoso, Jose ; He, Qi-Chang ; Yvonnet, Julien ; Paggi, Marco SIMP Phase-field topology optimisation framework to maximise fracture resistance in FGMsArticle Artikel 2023
16Singer, G. ; Sinn, G. ; Schwendtner, K. ; Lichtenegger, H.C. ; Wan-Wendner, R. Time-dependent changes of mechanical properties of polymer-based composite materials for adhesive anchor systemsArtikel Article 2018
17Murín, Justin ; Kugler, Stephan ; Hrabovsky, Juraj ; Kutiš, Vladimir ; Paulech, Juraj ; Aminbaghai, Mehdi Warping torsion of FGM beams with spatially varying material propertiesArticle Artikel 1-Jul-2022