Computer Aided Geometric Design

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Computer Aided Geometric Design
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RADARWEG 29a, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 1043 NX
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1Stachel, Hellmuth A kinematic approach to Koktsakis meshesArtikel Article2010
2Nawratil, Georg A remarkable set of Schönflies-singular planar Stewart Gough platformsArtikel Article2010
3Hu, Shi-Min ; Wallner, Johannes A second order algorithm for orthogonal projection onto curves and surfacesArtikel Article2005
4Pottmann, Helmut ; Hofer, Michael A variational approach to spline curves on surfacesArtikel Article2005
5Gantner, Gregor ; Praetorius, Dirk Adaptive IGAFEM with optimal convergence rates: T-splinesArtikel Article 2020
6Käferböck, Florian Affine arc length polylines and curvature continuous uniform B-splinesArtikel Article2014
7Skopenkov, Mikhail ; Bo, Pengbo ; Bartoň, Michael ; Pottmann, Helmut Characterizing envelopes of moving rotational cones and applications in CNC machiningArtikel Article 2020
8Sendra, J. Raffael ; Peternell, Martin ; Sendra, J. Cissoid constructions of augmented rational ruled surfacesArtikel Article 2018
9Peternell, Martin ; Gruber, David ; Sendra, Juana Conchoid surfaces of spheresArtikel Article2013
10Peternell, Martin ; Gruber, David ; Sendra, J. Concoid surfaces of rational ruled surfacesArtikel Article2011
11Wallner, Johannes ; Dyn, N. Convergence and C¹ analysis of subdivision schemes on manifolds by proximityArtikel Article2005
12Peternell, Martin ; Odehnal, Boris Convolution surfaces of quadratic triangular Bezier surfacesArtikel Article2007
13Peternell, Martin ; Odehnal, Boris Convolution surfaces of Quadratic Triangular Bezier SurfacesArtikel Article2008
14Pottmann, Helmut ; Shi, Ling ; Skopenkov, Mikhail Darboux cyclides and webs from circlesArtikel Article2012
15Peternell, Martin Developable surface fitting to point cloudsArtikel Article2004
16Sampoli, M.L. ; Peternell, Martin ; Jüttler, B. Exact Parameterization of convolution surfaces and rational surfaces with linear normalsArtikel Article2006
17Flöry, Simon Fitting curves and surfaces to point clouds in the presence of obstaclesArtikel Article2009
18Izmestiev, Ivan Four-bar linkages, elliptic functions, and flexible polyhedra.Artikel Article 2020
19Nawratil, Georg ; Pottmann, Helmut ; Ravani, Bahram Generalized Penetration Depth Computational based on kinematical geometryArtikel Article2009
20Pottmann, Helmut ; Wallner, Johannes ; Huang, Qi-Xing ; Yang, Yong-Liang Integral Invariants for Robust Geometry ProcessingArtikel Article2009