Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering

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Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering
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1Hainisch, Reinhard ; Kranzl, Andreas ; Lin, Yi-Chung ; Pandy, Marcus G. ; Gfoehler, Margit A generic musculoskeletal model of the juvenile lower limb for biomechanical analyses of gaitArtikel Article 2020
2Chevalier, Y. ; Zysset, P.K. A Patient-Specific CT-Based Finite Element Methodology to Calculate the 6D Stiffness Matrix of Vertebral BodiesArtikel Article 2009
3Kluess, Daniel ; Soodmand, Ehsan ; Lorenz, Andrea ; Pahr, Dieter ; Schwarze, Michael ; Cichon, Robert ; Varady, Patrick A. ; Herrmann, Sven ; Buchmeier, Bernhard ; Schröder, Christian ; Lehner, Stefan ; Kebbach, Maeruan A round-robin finite element analysis of human femur mechanics between seven participating laboratories with experimental validationArtikel Article 2019
4Nyashin, Y. ; Nyashin, M. ; Osipenko, M. ; Lokhov, V. ; Dubinin, A. ; Rammerstorfer, F. ; Zhurov, A. Centre of Resistance and Centre of Rotation of a Tooth: Experimental Determination, Computer Simulation and the Effects of Tissue NonlinearityArtikel Article 2016
5Kober, C. ; Erdmann, B. ; Hellmich, C. ; Sader, R. ; Zeilhofer, H.-F. Consideration of Anisotropic Elasticity Minimizes Volumetric rather than Shear Deformation in Human MandibleArtikel Article2006
6Schuster, Maximilian Roman ; Dirkes, Nico ; Key, Fabian ; Elgeti, Stefanie ; Behr, Marek Exploring the influence of parametrized pulsatility on left ventricular washout under LVAD support: a computational study using reduced-order modelsArticle Artikel 4-Mar-2024
7Babu Rajendra Kurup, Nithin ; Puchinger, Markus ; Gföhler, Margit Forward dynamic optimization of handle path and muscle activity for handle based isokinetic wheelchair propulsion: A simulation studyArtikel Article 2018
8Pahr, Dieter H. ; Zysset, Philippe K. From High-Resolution CT Data to Finite Element Models: Development of an Integrated Modular FrameworkArtikel Article 2009
9Pahr, Dieter H. ; Dall'Ara, Enrico ; Varga, Peter ; Zysset, Philippe K. HR-pQCT-Based Homogenised Finite Element Models Provide Quantitative Predictions of Experimental Vertebral Body Stiffness and Strength with the Same Accuracy as μFE ModelsArtikel Article 2012
10Eberhardsteiner, Lukas ; Hellmich, Christian ; Scheiner, Stefan Layered Water in Crystal Interfaces as Source for Bone Viscoelasticity: Arguments from a Multiscale ApproachArtikel Article2014
11Gross, Thomas ; Pahr, Dieter H. ; Peyrin, Françoise ; Zysset, Philippe K. Mineral Heterogeneity has a Minor Influence on the Apparent Elastic Properties of Human Cancellous Bone: A SRμCT-Based Finite Element StudyArtikel Article 2012
12Chevalier, Yan ; Charlebois, Mathieu ; Pahr, Dieter ; Varga, Peter ; Heini, Paul ; Schneider, Erich ; Zysset, Philippe Kurt A Patient-specific finite element methodology to predict damage accumulation in vertebral bodies under axial compression, sagittal flexion and combined loadsArtikel Article 15-Sep-2008
13Krasny, W. ; Morin, C. ; Avril, S. ; Magoariec, H. ; Hellmich, C. The Concept of Frozen Energy as a Consequence of Change in Microstructure MorphologyArtikel Article 2015