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Computers and Chemical Engineering
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1Cencic, Oliver ; Frühwirth, Rudolf A general framework for data reconciliation-Part I: Linear constraintsArtikel Article 2015
2Beck, Anton ; Hofmann, René A Novel Approach for Linearization of a MINLP Stage-Wise Superstructure FormulationArtikel Article 2018
3Hofmann, René ; Knöttner, Sophie ; Beck, Anton A simultaneous optimization approach for efficiency measures regarding design and operation of industrial energy systemsArtikel Article 2019
4Stampfli, Jan A. ; Benjamin H.Y., Ong ; Olsen, Donald G. ; Wellig, Beat ; Hofmann, René Applied heat exchanger network retrofit for multi-period processes in industry: A hybrid evolutionary algorithmArtikel Article May-2022
5Graichen, K. ; Hagenmeyer, V. ; Zeitz, M. Design of adaptive feedforward control under input constraints for a benchmark CSTR based on a BVP solverArtikel Article2009
6Koller, Martin ; Hofmann, René Efficient clustering of identical generating units for the MILP-UC with a shifting generation level methodArtikel Article 2019
7Beck, Anton ; Hofmann, René How to tighten a commonly used MINLP superstructure formulation for simultaneous heat exchanger network synthesisArtikel Article 2018
8Koller, Martin ; Hofmann, René ; Walter, Heimo MILP Model for a Packed Bed Sensible Thermal Energy StorageArtikel Article 2019
9Fuhrmann, Florian ; Schirrer, Alexander ; Kozek, Martin Model-predictive energy management system for thermal batch production processes using online load predictionArtikel Article 2022
10Schwaer, Christian ; Hofmann, Julian ; Mühlpfordt, Michael ; Frank, Andreas ; Gröll, Lutz Modular simulation model for falling film evaporators with novel approach to manage dominant time-varying transport delaysArtikel Article 2020
11Stampfli, Jan A. ; Olsen, Donald G. ; Wellig, Beat ; Hofmann, René A parallelized hybrid genetic algorithm with differential evolution for heat exchanger network retrofitArtikel Article 2022
12Prendl, Leopold ; Schenzel, Karl ; Hofmann, René "Simultaneous integration of heat pumps and different thermal energy storages into a tightened multi-period MILP HENS superstructure formulation for industrial applicationsArtikel Article 2021
13Mueller-2023-Computers and Chemical Engineering-vor.pdf.jpgMüller, Don Fabian ; Wibbing, Daniel ; Herwig, Christoph ; Kager, Julian Simultaneous real-time estimation of maximum substrate uptake capacity and yield coefficient in induced microbial culturesArticle Artikel May-2023
14Pernsteiner, Dominik ; Schirrer, Alexander ; Kasper, Lukas ; Hofmann, René ; Jakubek, Stefan State estimation concept for a nonlinear melting/solidification problem of a latent heat thermal energy storageArtikel Article 2021