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1Hofstetter, Günter ; Simo, J.C. ; Taylor, Robert L. A Modified Cap-Model: Closest Point Solution AlgorithmsArtikel Article1993
2Pettermann, H.E. ; Plankensteiner, A.F. ; Böhm, H.J. ; Rammerstorfer, F.G. A Thermo-Elasto-Plastic Constitutive Law for Inhomogeneous Materials Based on an Incremental Mori-Tanaka ApproachArtikel Article 1999
3Murín, J. ; Kutiš, V. An Effective Multilayered Sandwich Beam-Link Finite Element for Solution of the Electro-Thermo-Structural problemsArtikel Article2009
4Rammerstorfer, F.G. ; Dorninger, K. ; Böhm, H.J. ; Zerobin, F. Analysis of Frictional Contact Problems in High Field Superconducting Magnets for Hadron ColliderArtikel Article1989
5Jia Xin - 2015 - Assessment of solutions from the consistently linearized...pdf.jpgJia, Xin ; Mang, Herbert A. Assessment of solutions from the consistently linearized eigenproblem by means of finite difference approximationsArticle Artikel 2015
6Kutis, Vladimír ; Murin, Justin ; Paulech, J. Beam Element with Spatial Variation of Material Properties for Multiphysics Analysis of Functionally Graded MaterialsArtikel Article2011
7Friedl, N ; Rammerstorfer, F.G ; Fischer, F.D Buckling of stretched stripsArtikel Article2000
8Rammerstorfer, Franz Buckling of stretched strips - reconsidered and extendedArticle Artikel 1-Jan-2024
9Rammerstorfer, F.G. ; Fischer, F.D. ; Böhm, H.J. ; Daves, W. Computational Micromechanics of Multiphase MaterialsArtikel Article1992
10Schuecker, C. ; Pettermann, H.E. Constitutive Ply Damage Modeling, FEM Implementation, and Analysis of Laminated StructuresArtikel Article2008
11Savula, Yarema ; Mang, Herbert A. ; Dyyak, I. ; Pauk, N. Coupled Boundary and Finite Element Analysis of a Special Class of 2D Problems of the Theory of ElasticityArtikel Article2000
12Neunteufel, Michael ; Schöberl, Joachim Fluid-structure interaction with H(div)-conforming finite elementsArtikel Article 2020
13Hellmich, Christian ; Mang, Herbert A. ; Ulm, Franz-Josef Hybrid Method for Quantification of Stress States in Shotcrete Tunnel Shells: Combination of 3D in-situ Displacement Measurements and Thermochemoplastic Material LawArtikel Article2001
14Pirrotta, Antonina ; Bucher, Christian Innovative straight formulation for plate in bendingArtikel Article 2017
15Liu, C.H. ; Wong, J.-Y. ; Mang, Herbert A. Large Strain Finite Element Analysis of Sand: Model, Algorithm and Application to Numerical Simulation of Tire-Sand InteractionArtikel Article2000
16de Borst, K. ; Jenkel, C. ; Montero, C. ; Colmars, J. ; Gril, J. ; Kaliske, M. ; Eberhardsteiner, J. Mechanical Characterization of Wood - An Integrative Approach Ranging from Nanoscale to StructureArtikel Article 2013
17Skrna-Jakl, I. ; Rammerstorfer, F.G. Numerical Investigations of Free Edge Effects in Integrally Stiffened Layered Composite PanelsArtikel Article1993
18Gesing-2021-Computers and Structures-vor.pdf.jpgGesing, A. ; Platz, Daniel ; Schmid, Ulrich A numerical method to determine the displacement spectrum of micro-plates in viscous fluidsArticle Artikel Feb-2022
19Liu, Wenning ; Meschke, Günther ; Mang, Herbert A. On the Approximation of the Tangential Slip in Frictional Contact AnalysesArtikel Article2000
20Hofstetter, Karin ; Grohs, Christian ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef ; Mang, Herbert A. Sliding Behaviour of Simplified Tire Tread Patterns Investigated by Means of FEMArtikel Article 2006