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1Pimon, Martin ; Grüneis, Andreas ; Mohn, Peter ; Schumm, Thorsten Ab-Initio Study of Calcium Fluoride Doped with Heavy IsotopesArticle Artikel 2022
2Taupin, Mathieu ; Paschen, Silke Are Heavy Fermion Strange Metals Planckian?Article Artikel 12-Feb-2022
3Werner-2023-Crystals-vor.pdf.jpgWerner, Jakob ; Smith, Jakob ; Stöger, Berthold ; Artner, Werner ; Werner, Andreas ; Weinberger, Peter Characterization of Ca-Dicarboxylate Salt Hydrates as Thermochemical Energy Storage MaterialsArticle Artikel Oct-2023
4Weil Matthias - 2018 - Determination of the Correct Composition of Hydrous...pdf.jpgWeil, Matthias ; Shirkhanlou, Mahdi ; Füglein, Ekkehard ; Libowitzky, Eugen Determination of the Correct Composition of “Hydrous Lead(II) Oxotellurate(IV)” as PbTeO3, Crystallizing as a New PolymorphArticle Artikel Jan-2018
5Waltl, Michael Editorial for the Special Issue on Robust Microelectronic DevicesArtikel Article2022
6Friak, Martin ; Bursíková, Vilma ; Pizůrová, Nadězda ; Pavlů, Jana ; Homola, Vojtěch ; Miháliková, Ivana ; Slávik, Antotn ; Holec, David ; Koutná, Nikola Elasticity of Phases in Fe-Al-Ti Superalloys: Impact of Atomic Order and Anti-Phase BoundariesArtikel Article 2019
7Eder, Felix ; Weil, Matthias ; Missen, Owen ; Kolitsch, Uwe ; Libowitzky, Eugen The Family of MII₃(TeIVO₃)₂(OH)₂ (M = Mg, Mn, Co, Ni) Compounds—Prone to Inclusion of Foreign Components into Large Hexagonal ChannelsArticle Artikel 28-Sep-2022
8Shuvaev, Alexey ; Pan, Lei ; Zhang, Peng ; Wang, Kang L. ; Pimenov, Andrei Faraday Rotation Due to Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Cr-Doped (Bi,Sb)2Te3Artikel Article 2021
9Si, Liang ; Worm, Paul ; Held, Karsten Fingerprints of Topotactic Hydrogen in Nickelate SuperconductorsArticle Artikel 4-May-2022
10Hernandez, Yoanlys ; Stampfer, Bernhard ; Grasser, Tibor ; Waltl, Michael Impact of Bias Temperature Instabilities on the Performance of Logic Inverter Circuits Using Different SiC Transistor TechnologiesArtikel Article 2021
11Kyvala, Lukas ; Tchaplianka, Maxim ; Shick, Alexander ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Legut, Dominik Large Uniaxial Magnetic Anisotropy of Hexagonal Fe-Hf-Sb AlloysArtikel Article 2020
12Pustogow, Andrej New Spin on Metal-Insulator TransitionsArticle Artikel 30-Dec-2022
13Rameshan, Raffael ; Nenning, Andreas ; Raschhofer, Johannes ; Lindenthal, Lorenz ; Ruh, Thomas ; Summerer, Harald ; Opitz, Alexander ; Huber, Tobias ; Rameshan, Christoph Novel Sample-Stage for Combined Near Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Catalytic Characterization and Electrochemical Impedance SpectroscopyArtikel Article 2020
14Saito, Yohei ; Löhle, Anja ; Kawamoto, Atsushi ; Pustogow, Andrej ; Dressel, Martin Pressure-Tuned Superconducting Dome in Chemically-Substituted κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu2(CN)3Artikel Article 2021
15Lužnik, Monika ; Lientschnig, Günther ; Taupin, Mathieu ; Steiger-Thirsfeld, Andreas ; Prokofiev, Andrey ; Paschen, Silke Size Effect on the Thermal Conductivity of a Type-I ClathrateArticle Artikel Mar-2023
16Tröster, Andreas ; Schranz, Wilfried ; Ehsan, Sohaib ; Belbase, Kamal ; Blaha, Peter Symmetry-Adapted Finite Strain Landau Theory Applied to KMnF₃Artikel Article 2020
17Feil, Maximilian ; Huerner, Andreas ; Puschkarsky, Katja ; Schleich, Christian ; Eichinger, Thomas ; Gustin, W. ; Reisinger, H. ; Grasser, Tibor The Impact of Interfacial Charge Trapping on the Reproducibility of Measurements of Silicon Carbide MOSFET Device ParametersArtikel Article 2020
18Weil, Matthias The Mixed-Metal Oxochromates(VI) Cd(HgI2)2(HgII)3O4(CrO4)2, Cd(HgII)4O4(CrO4) and Zn(HgII)4O4(CrO4)-Examples of the Different Crystal Chemistry within the Zinc Triad.Artikel Article 2017
19Gunasekara, Saman Nimali ; Barreneche, Camila ; Inés Fernández, A. ; Calderón, Alejandro ; Ravotti, Rebecca ; Ristić, Alenka ; Weinberger, Peter ; Ömur Paksoy, Halime ; Koçak, Burcu ; Rathgeber, Christoph ; Ningwei Chiu, Justin ; Stamatiou, Anastasia Thermal Energy Storage Materials (TESMs) - What Does It Take to Make Them Fly?Artikel Article 2021
20Pustogow, Andrej ; Dizdarevic, Daniel ; Erfort, Sebastian ; Iakutkina, Olga ; Merkl, Valentino ; Untereiner, Gabriele ; Dressel, Martin Tuning Charge Order in (TMTTF)2X by Partial Anion SubstitutionArtikel Article 2021