Discrete and Computational Geometry

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Discrete and Computational Geometry
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1Ivanov, Grigory Approximate Carathéodory's theorem in uniformly smooth Banach spaces.Artikel Article2019
2Ortega Moreno, Oscar Adrian The complex plank problem, revisitedArticle Artikel 27-Aug-2022
3Bobenko, Alexander I. ; Hertrich-Jeromin, Udo ; Lukyanenko, Inna Discrete constant mean curvature nets in space forms: Steiner's formula and Christoffel dualityArtikel Article2014
4Jimenez, Michael R. ; Müller, Christian ; Pottmann, Helmut Discretizations of Surfaces with Constant Ratio of Principal CurvaturesArtikel Article2019
5Ludwig, Monika ; Reitzner, Matthias Elementary moves on triangulationsArtikel Article2006
6Prutkin, Roman ; Nöllenburg, Martin Euclidean Greedy Drawings of TreesArtikel Article2017
7Chen, Chao ; Freedman, Daniel Hardness results for homology localizationArtikel Article2011
8Gruber, Peter M. John and Loewner ellipsoidsArtikel Article2011
9Gruber, Peter M. ; Aliev, Iskander Lattice points in large Borel sets and successive minimaArtikel Article2006
10Jaroschek, Maximilian ; Kauers, Manuel ; Kovács, Laura Lonely Points in SimplicesArticle Artikel 29-Sep-2022
11Prosanov, Roman On a Relation Between Packing and Covering Densities of Convex BodiesArtikel Article 2021
12Prosanov Roman - 2019 - On a Relation Between Packing and Covering Densities of...pdf.jpgProsanov, Roman On a Relation Between Packing and Covering Densities of Convex BodiesArticle Artikel Jun-2021
13Müller, Christian On Discrete Mean Curvature SurfacesArtikel Article2014
14Müller, Christian ; Wallner, Johannes Oriented mixed area and discrete minimal surfacesArtikel Article2010
15Li, Jin ; Ma, Dan ; Wang, Wei SL(n) contravariant vector valuationsArtikel Article 2021
16Ludwig, Monika ; Reitzner, Matthias SL(n) invariant valuations on polytopesArtikel Article2017
17Henk, Martin ; Grötschel, Martin The representation of polyhedra by polynomial inequalitiesArtikel Article2003