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Distributed Computing
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ONE NEW YORK PLAZA, SUITE 4600 , NEW YORK, United States, NY, 10004
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1Winkler, Kyrill ; Schwarz, Manfred ; Schmid, Ulrich Consensus in rooted dynamic networks with short-lived stabilityArtikel Article 2019
2Widder, Josef ; Biely, Martin ; Gridling, Günther ; Weiss, Bettina ; Blanquart, Jean-Paul Consensus in the presence of mortal Byzantine faulty processesArtikel Article 2012
3Schmid, Ulrich ; Schossmaier, Klaus How to reconcile fault-tolerant interval intersection with the Lipschitz conditionArtikel Article2001
4Aminof, Benjamin ; Kotek, Tomer ; Rubin, Sasha ; Spegni, Francesco ; Veith, Helmut Parameterized model checking of rendezvous systemsArtikel Article 2018
5Moser, Heinrich ; Schmid, Ulrich Reconciling fault-tolerant distributed algorithms and real-time computingArtikel Article2014
6Függer, Matthias ; Schmid, Ulrich Reconciling fault-tolerant distributed computing and systems-on-chipArtikel Article2012
7Widder, Josef ; Schmid, Ulrich The Theta-Model: achieving synchrony without clocksArtikel Article2009