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1Dworschak, Dominik ; Tseng, Ko-Kai ; Yeh, Jien-Wei ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Valtiner, Markus Bottom-up characterization of electrochemical passivity from simple binary alloys to high entropy alloysArticle Artikel 2022
2Crespo, Gastón A. ; Ghahraman Afshar, Majid ; Barrabés, Noelia ; Pawlak, Marcin ; Bakker, Eric Characterization of Salophen Co(III) Acetate Ionophore for Nitrite RecognitionArtikel Article 2015
3Wang, Yulong ; Liu, Yue ; Xu, Ya ; Zhang, Congqiang ; Bao, Huaxi ; Wang, Jia ; Guo, Zhiguang ; Wan, Li ; Eder, Dominik ; Wang, Shimin (CH₃NH₃)₃Bi₂I₉ perovskite films fabricated via a two-stage electric-field-assisted reactive deposition method for solar cells applicationArtikel Article 2020
4Mertens, Stijn F.L. Copper underpotential deposition on boron nitride nanomeshArtikel Article 2017
5Shakibi-Nia, Niusha ; Martucci, Alessandro ; Granozzi, Gaetano ; Garcia, Gonzalo ; Pastor, Elena ; Penner, Simon ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Alonso-Vante, Nicolas ; Kunze-Liebhäuser, Julia DEMS studies of the ethanol electro-oxidation on TiOC supported Pt catalystseSupport effects for higher CO2 efficiencyArtikel Article 2019
6Laska, C.A. ; Auinger, Michael ; Biedermann, P.U. ; Iqbal, D. ; Laska, N. ; De Strycker, J. ; Mayerhofer, K.J.J. Effect of Hydrogen Carbonate and Chloride on Zinc Corrosion investigated by a Scanning Flow Cell SystemArtikel Article 20-Mar-2015
7Stepan, Thomas ; Tété, Lisa ; Laundry-Mottiar, Lila ; Romanovskaia, Elena ; Hedberg, Yolanda S. ; Danninger, Herbert ; Auinger, Michael Effect of nanoparticle size on the near-surface pH-distribution in aqueous and carbonate buffered solutionsArtikel Article 2022
8Vatrál, Jaroslav ; Boča, Roman ; Linert, Wolfgang Electrochemical investigation of redox couple Fe(III)/Fe(II) in the presence of amino acids and neurotransmittersArtikel Article2014
9Fleig, J. ; Maier, J. Finite element calculations of impedance effects at point contactsArtikel Article1996
10Boiadjieva, Tz. ; Mirkova, L. ; Kronberger, H. ; Steck, T. ; Monev, M. Hydrogen permeation through steel electroplated with Zn or Zn-Cr coatingsArtikel Article2013
11Kavunga, Sunil ; Luckeneder, Gerald ; Schachinger, Ernst Dietmar ; Faderl, Josef ; Fafilek, Günter In situ characterization of galvanized low-alloyed steels with high-temperature cyclic voltammetry during annealingArticle Artikel 30-May-2022
12Schröder, Alexandra ; Fleig, Jürgen ; Maier, Joachim ; Sitte, Werner Inherent emf relaxation of electrochemical cells with nanocrystalline Ag electrodesArtikel Article2006
13Opitz, Alexander K. ; Lutz, Alexander ; Kubicek, Markus ; Kubel, Frank ; Hutter, Herbert ; Fleig, Jürgen Investigation of the oxygen exchange mechanism on Pt|yttria stabilized zirconia at intermediate temperatures: Surface path versus bulk pathArtikel Article2011
14Zhang, Zhaoshuai ; Zhang, Long ; Yu, Chuang ; Yan, Xinlin ; Xu, Bo ; Wang, Li-min Lithium halide coating as an effective intergrain engineering for garnet-type solid electrolytes avoiding high temperature sinteringArtikel Article 2018
15Linhardt, Paul MIC of Stainless Steel in Freshwater and the Cathodic Behaviour of Biomineralized Mn-OxidesArtikel Article2006
16Mirabella, Francesca ; Müllner, Matthias ; Touzalin, Thomas ; Riva, Michele ; Jakub, Zdenek ; Kraushofer, Florian ; Schmid, Michael ; Koper, Marc T.M. ; Parkinson, Gareth S. ; Diebold, Ulrike Ni-modified Fe₃O₄(001) surface as a simple model system for understanding the oxygen evolution reactionArtikel Article 2021
17Waldner, Georg ; Krýsa, Josef Photocurrents and degradation rates on particulate TiO₂ layers. Effect of layer thickness, concentration of oxidizable substance and illumination directionArtikel Article2005
18Foelske, Annette ; Sauer, Markus Probing the ionic liquid/semiconductor interfaces over macroscopic distances using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopyArtikel Article 2019
19Puntscher-2023-Electrochimica Acta-vor.pdf.jpgPuntscher, Lena ; Daninger, Kevin ; Schmid, Michael ; Diebold, Ulrike ; Parkinson, Gareth A study of Pt, Rh, Ni and Ir dispersion on anatase TiO₂(101) and the role of waterArticle Artikel 1-May-2023
20Zhang, Dechao ; Cao, Xiaoting ; Xu, Di ; Wang, Ning ; Yu, Chuang ; Hu, Wentao ; Yan, Xinlin ; Mi, Jianli ; Wen, Bin ; Wang, Limin ; Zhang, Long Synthesis of cubic Na3SbS4 solid electrolyte with enhanced ion transport for all-solid-state sodium-ion batteriesArtikel Article 2018