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Electronics Letters
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111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN, USA, NJ, 07030-5774
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1Goll, B. ; Zimmermann, H. 10 Gbit/s SiGe modulator driver with 37 dB gain and 680 mW power consumptionArtikel Article2012
2Tadic, Niksa ; Goll, Bernhard ; Zimmermann, Horst 100 MHz current generator with T/(T-t) time waveform in 0.35 μm BiCMOS technologyArtikel Article 2016
3Jukic, Tomislav ; Steindl, Bernhard ; Enne, Reinhard ; Zimmermann, Horst 200 μm APD OEIC in 0.35 μm BiCMOSArtikel Article 2016
4Atef, M. ; Swoboda, R. ; Zimmermann, H. 250 Mbit/s over 100 m Si-POF with RCLED source using intgrated post-equaliserArtikel Article2012
5Brandl, Paul ; Zimmermann, Horst 3 Gbit/s optical receiver IC with high sensitivity and large integrated pin photodiodeArtikel Article2013
6Davidovic, M. ; Seiter, J. ; Hofbauer, M. ; Gaberl, W. ; Schidl, S. ; Zimmermann, H. 64 x 48 ROF sensor in 0.35μm CMOS with high ambient light immunityArtikel Article 2014
7Schidl, S. ; Zimmermann, H. AC response of 0.35 μm CMOS triple-junction photodetectorArtikel Article2014
8Hadef, Mahmoud ; Weiss, Stephan ; Rupp, Markus Adaptive Blind Multiuser DS-CDMA Downlink EqualiserArtikel Article2005
9Schidl, S. ; Schweiger, K. ; Gaberl, W. ; Zimmermann, H. Analogously tunable delay line for on-chip measurements with sub-picosecond resolution in 90 nm CMOSArtikel Article2012
10Artner, G. ; Zöchmann, E. ; Pratschner, S. ; Lerch, M. ; Rupp, M. ; Mecklenbräuker, C. F. Angle-dependent reflectivity of twill-weave carbon fibre reinforced polymer for millimetre wavesArtikel Article 2018
11Tadic, Niksa ; Marchlewski, Artur ; Zimmermann, Horst BiCMOS optical receiver with 54.7 dB voltage-controlled sensitivity rangeArtikel Article2008
12Schidl, Stefan ; Enne, Reinhard ; Zimmermann, Horst Blue enhanced vertically stacked quad junction photodetector with opto windowArtikel Article 2015
13Wang, Junshi ; Huang, Letian ; Li, Guangjun ; Jantsch, Axel Calculation of delivery rate in fault-tolerant network-on-chipsArtikel Article 2016
14Yan, Weixun ; Zimmermann, Horst Current-mode common-mode feedback for constant signal behaviour control in rail-torail input realisationArtikel Article2008
15Kwan, R. ; Ikuno, J. C. Effective HARQ Code Rate Modeling for LTEArtikel Article2013
16Mohamad, H. ; Weiss, Stephan ; Rupp, Markus ; Hanzo, L. Fast Adaptation of Fractionally Spaced EqualisersArtikel Article2002
17Schmid, Gerhard ; Leeb, Walter ; Langer, Gregor ; Schmidt, Volker ; Houbertz, Ruth Gbit/s transmission via two-photon-absorbtion-inscribed optical waveguides on printed circuit boardsArtikel Article2009
18Stehle, A. ; Siegel, C. ; Ziegler, Volker ; Schönlinner, B. ; Prechtel, Ulrich ; Seidel, Helmut ; Schmid, Ulrich High-power handling capability of low complexity RF-MEMS switch in Ku-bandArtikel Article 22-Nov-2007
19Vlaskovic, M. ; Zimmermann, H. ; Meinhardt, G. ; Kraft, J. Image sensor for spectral-domain optical coherence tomography on a chipArtikel Article 2020
20Caban, Sebastian ; Rupp, Markus Impact of transmit antenna spacing on 2 x 1 Alamouti radio transmissionArtikel Article2007