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Energy and Buildings
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1Mayer, Barbara ; Killian, Michaela ; Kozek, Martin A branch and bound approach for building cooling supply control with hybrid model predictive controlArtikel Article 2016
2Mahdavi, Ardeshir ; Doppelbauer, Eva-Maria A performance comparison of passive and low-energy buildingsArtikel Article2010
3Zucker, Gerhard ; Sporr, Andreas ; Garrido-Marijuan, Antonio ; Ferhatbegovic, Tarik ; Hofmann, René A ventilation system controller based on pressure-drop and CO2 modelsArtikel Article 2017
4Schweiger, Gerald ; Eckerstorfer, Lisa ; Hafner, Irene ; Fleischhacker, Andreas ; Radl, Johannes ; Glock, Barbara ; Wastian, Matthias ; Rößler, Matthias ; Lettner, Georg ; Popper, Nikolas ; Corcoran, Katja Active consumer participation in smart energy systemsArtikel Article 2020
5Korjenic, Azra ; Bednar, Thomas An analytical solution of a moisture transfer problem for coupled room and building componentArtikel Article2012
6Koranteng, Christian ; Mahdavi, Ardeshir An investigation into the thermal performance of office buildings in GhanaArtikel Article2010
7Mitterboeck, Michael ; Korjenic, Azra Analysis for improving the passive cooling of building's surroundings through the creation of green spaces in the urban built-up areaArtikel Article 2017
8Heidenthaler, Daniel ; Leeb, Markus ; Reindl, Patricia ; Kranzl, Lukas ; Bednar, Thomas ; Moltinger, Michael Building stock characteristics of residential buildings in Salzburg, Austria based on a structured analysis of energy performance certificatesArticle Artikel 15-Oct-2022
9Killian, M. ; Mayer, B. ; Kozek, M. Cooperative Fuzzy Model Predictive Control for Heating and Cooling of BuildingsArtikel Article 2016
10Korjenic, Azra ; Bednar, Thomas Developing a model for fibrous building materialsArtikel Article2011
11Korjenic, Azra ; Petránek, Vít ; Zach, Jiří ; Hroudová, Jitka Development and performance evaluation of natural thermal-insulation materials composed of renewable resourcesArtikel Article2011
12Litavcova, Eva ; Korjenic, Azra ; Korjenic, Sinan ; Pavlus, Miron ; Sarhadov, Ibrohim ; Seman, Jan ; Bednar, Thomas Diffusion of moisture into building materials: A model for moisture transportArtikel Article2014
13Killian, M. ; Mayer, B. ; Kozek, M. Effective Fuzzy Black-Box Modeling for Building Heating DynamicsArtikel Article 2015
14Orehounig, Kristina ; Mahdavi, Ardeshir Energy performance of traditional bath buildingsArtikel Article2011
15Zwickl-Bernhard, Sebastian ; Auer, Hans ; Golab, Antonia Equitable decarbonization of heat supply in residential multi-apartment rental buildings: Optimal subsidy allocation between the property owner and tenantsArtikel Article 2022
16Müller, A. ; Kranzl, L. ; Tuominen, P. ; Boelman, E. ; Molinari, M. ; Entrop, A.G. Estimating exergy prices for energy carriers in heating systems: Country analyses of exergy substitution with capital expendituresArtikel Article2011
17Antonyová, Anna ; Antony, Peter ; Korjenic, Azra Evaluation the hygrothermal effects of integration the vegetation into the building envelopeArtikel Article 2017
18Moren, María Soledad Penaranda ; Korjenic, Azra Green buffer space influences on the temperature of photovoltaic modules : Multifunctional system: Building greening and photovoltaicArtikel Article 1-Jul-2017
19Penaranda Moren, María Soledad ; Korjenic, Azra Hotter and colder - How Do Photovoltaics and Greening Impact Exterior Facade Temperatures: The synergies of a Multifunctional SystemArtikel Article 2017
20Vertaľ, Marián ; Zozulák, Marek ; Vašková, Anna ; Korjenic, Azra Hygrothermal initial condition for simulation process of green building constructionArtikel Article 19-Mar-2018