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1Kourehpaz, Mahdi ; Donsa, Stefan ; Lackner, Fabian ; Burgdörfer, Joachim ; Březinová, Iva Canonical Density Matrices from Eigenstates of Mixed SystemsArticle Artikel 29-Nov-2022
2Hagmair, Stefan ; Bachler, Martin ; Braunisch, Matthias ; Lorenz, Georg ; Schmaderer, Christoph ; Hasenau, Anna-Lena ; Stülpnagel, Lukas ; Bauer, Axel ; Rizas, Kostantinos ; Wassertheurer, Siegfried ; Mayer, Christopher Challenging Recently Published Parameter Sets for Entropy Measures in Risk Prediction for End-Stage Renal Disease PatientsArtikel Article 2017
3Raubitzek-2023-Entropy-vor.pdf.jpgRaubitzek, Sebastian ; Mallinger, Kevin ; Neubauer, Thomas Combining Fractional Derivatives and Machine Learning: A ReviewArticle Artikel Jan-2023
4Ferry, David K. ; Nedjalkov, Mihail ; Weinbub, Josef ; Ballicchia, Mauro ; Welland, Ian ; Selberherr, Siegfried Complex Systems in Phase SpaceArtikel Article 2020
5Havlicek, Hans ; Svozil, Karl Dimensional lifting through generalized Gram-Schmidt processArtikel Article 2018
6Aleksic, Slavisa Energy, Entropy and Exergy in Communication NetworksArtikel Article2013
7Iglesias Felix - 2015 - Entropy-Based Characterization of Internet Background...pdf.jpgIglesias Vazquez, Félix ; Zseby, Tanja Entropy-Based Characterization of Internet Background RadiationArticle Artikel Jan-2015
8Ju, Tianhua ; Ding, Xueyong ; Zhang, Yingyi ; Chen, Weiliang ; Cheng, Xiangkui ; Wang, Bo ; Dai, Jingxin ; Yan, Xinlin Estimation of activity interaction parameters in Fe-S-J systemsArtikel Article 2018
9Raubitzek-2022-Entropy-vor.pdf.jpgRaubitzek, Sebastian ; Neubauer, Thomas An Exploratory Study on the Complexity and Machine Learning Predictability of Stock Market DataArticle Artikel Mar-2022
10Svozil, Karl Generalized Householder TransformationsArtikel Article 2022
11Pires, Carlos A. L. ; Perdigão, Rui A. P. Minimum Mutual Information and Non-Gaussianity Through the Maximum Entropy Method: Estimation from finite samplesArtikel Article2012
12Svozil, Karl New Forms of Quantum Value Indefiniteness Suggest That Incompatible Views on Contexts Are EpistemicArtikel Article 2018
13Svozil-2022-Entropy-vor.pdf.jpgSvozil, Karl On the Complete Description of Entangled Systems Part II: The (Meta)Physical Status and Semantic AspectsArticle Artikel 25-Nov-2022
14Svozil, Karl Orthogonal Vector ComputationsArtikel Article 2016
15Deistler, Manfred ; Coronel, Carmina ; Garn, Heinrich ; Waser, Markus ; Benke, Thomas ; Dal-Bianco, Peter ; Ransmayr, Gerhard ; Seiler, Stephan ; Grossegger, Dieter ; Schmidt, Reinhold Quantitative EEG Markers of Entropy and Auto Mutual Information in Relation to MMSE Scores of Probable Alzheimer's Disease PatientsArtikel Article 2017
16Summhammer-2018-Entropy-vor.pdf.jpgSummhammer, Johann ; Sulyok, Georg ; Bernroider, Gustav Quantum Dynamics and Non-Local Effects Behind Ion Transition States during Permeation in Membrane Channel ProteinsArticle Artikel Aug-2018
17Khrennikov, Andrei ; Svozil, Karl Quantum Probability and RandomnessArtikel Article 2019
18Svozil, Karl Quantum randomness is chimericArtikel Article 2021
19Mayer, Christopher ; Bachler, Martin ; Holzinger, Andreas ; Stein, Phyllis ; Wassertheurer, Siegfried The Effect of Threshold Values and Weighting Factors on the Association between Entropy Measures and Mortality after Myocardial Infarction in the Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial (CAST)Artikel Article 2016
20Sobańtka, Alicja ; Zessner, Matthias ; Rechberger, Helmut The Extension of Statistical Entropy Analysis to Chemical CompoundsArtikel Article2012