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1Kolm, Claudia ; Martzy, Roland ; Brunner, Kurt ; Mach, Robert L. ; Krska, Rudolf ; Heinze, Georg ; Sommer, Regina ; Reischer, Georg H. ; Farnleitner, Andreas H. A Complementary Isothermal Amplification Method to the U.S. EPA Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction Approach for the Detection of Enterococci in Environmental WatersArtikel Article 2017
2Fellner, Johann ; Cencic, Oliver ; Rechberger, Helmut A New Method to Determine the Ratio of Electricity Production from Fossil and Biogenic Sources in Waste-to-Energy PlantsArtikel Article2007
3Merz, Stefan ; Steinhauser, Georg ; Hamada, Nobuyuki Anthropogenic Radionuclides in Japanese Food: Environmental and Legal ImplicationsArtikel Article2013
4Wonaschütz, Anna ; Hitzenberger, Regina ; Bauer, Heidi ; Pouresmaeil, Parissa ; Klatzer, Barbara ; Caseiro, Alexandre ; Puxbaum, Hans Application of the Integrating Sphere Method to Separate the Contributions of Brown and Black Carbon in Atmospheric AerosolsArtikel Article2009
5Meylan, Grégoire ; Reck, Barbara K. ; Rechberger, Helmut ; Graedel, Thomas E. ; Schwab, Oliver Assessing the Reliability of Material Flow Analysis Results: The Cases of Rhenium, Gallium, and Germanium in the United States EconomyArtikel Article 2017
6Laner, David ; Cencic, Oliver Comment on "Solid Recovered Fuel: Materials Flow Analysis and Fuel Property Development during the Mechanical Processing of Biodried WasteArtikel Article2013
7Buchner, Hanno ; Laner, David ; Rechberger, Helmut ; Fellner, Johann Dynamic Material Flow Modeling: An Effort to Calibrate and Validate Aluminum Stocks and Flows in AustriaArtikel Article 2015
8Petzold, Andreas ; Marsh, Richard ; Johnson, Mark ; Miller, Michael ; Sevcenco, Yura ; Delhaye, David ; Ibrahim, Amir ; Williams, Paul ; Bauer, Heidi ; Crayford, Andrew ; Bachalo, William D. ; Raper, David Evaluation of Methods for Measuring Particulate Matter EmissionsArtikel Article2011
9Kaufman, Scott ; Krishnan, Nikhil ; Known, Eilhann ; Castaldi, Marco ; Themelis, Nickolas ; Rechberger, Helmut Examination of the Fate of Carbon in Waste Management Systems through Statistical Entropy and Life Cycle AnalysisArtikel Article2008
10Sharma, Prasesh ; Ofner, Johannes ; Kappler, Andreas Formation of Binary and Ternary Colloids and Dissolved Complexes of Organic Matter, Fe and AsArtikel Article2010
11Mayer, René ; Reischer, Georg ; Ixenmaier, Simone ; Derx, Julia ; Blaschke, Alfred Paul ; Ebdon, James E. ; Linke, Rita ; Egle, Lukas ; Ahmed, Warish ; Blanch, Anicet R. ; Byamukama, Denis ; Savill, Marion ; Mushi, Douglas ; Cristóbal, Héctor A. ; Edge, Thomas A. ; Schade, Margit A. ; Aslan, Asli ; Brooks, Yolanda M. ; Sommer, Regina ; Mach, Robert ; Zessner-Spitzenberg, Matthias ; Farnleitner, Andreas Global Distribution of Human-Associated Fecal Genetic Markers in Reference Samples from Six ContinentsArtikel Article 2018
12Gatica, Joao ; Tripathi, Vijay ; Green, Stefan ; Manaia, Celia M. ; Berendonk, Thomas ; Cacace, Damiano ; Merlin, Christophe ; Kreuzinger, Norbert ; Schwartz, Thomas ; Fatta-Kassinos, Despo ; Rizzo, Luigi ; Schwermer, Carsten U. ; Garelick, Hemda ; Jurkevitch, Edouard ; Cytryn, Eddie High Throughput Analysis of Integron Gene Cassettes in Wastewater EnvironmentsArtikel Article 2016
13Haberl, Helmut ; Wiedenhofer, Dominik ; Schug, Franz ; Frantz, David ; Virág, Doris ; Plutzar, Christoph ; Gruhler, Karin ; Lederer, Jakob High-Resolution Maps of Material Stocks in Buildings and Infrastructures in Austria and GermanyArtikel Article 2021
14Reischer, G. H. ; Kollanur, D. ; Vierheilig, J. ; Wehrspaun, C. ; Mach, R. L. ; Sommer, R. ; Stadler, H. ; Farnleitner, A. H. Hypothesis-Driven Approach for the Identification of Fecal Pollution Sources in Water ResourcesArtikel Article2011
15Åström, Johan ; Pettersson, Thomas J. R. ; Reischer, Georg H. ; Norberg, Tommy ; Hermansson, Malte Incorporating Expert Judgments in Utility Evaluation of Bacteroidales qPCR Assays for Microbial Source Tracking in a Drinking Water SourceArtikel Article 2015
16Van Eygen, Emile ; Laner, David ; Fellner, Johann Integrating High-Resolution Material Flow Data into the Environmental Assessment of Waste Management System Scenarios: The Case of Plastic Packaging in AustriaArtikel Article 2018
17Reisinger, Peter ; Wonaschütz, Anna ; Hitzenberger, Regina ; Petzold, Andreas ; Bauer, Heidi ; Jankowski, Nicole ; Puxbaum, Hans ; Chi, X ; Maenhaut, W Intercomparison of measurement techniques for black or elemental carbon under urban background conditions in wintertime: Influence of biomass combustionArtikel Article2008
18Hitzenberger, Regina ; Petzold, Andreas ; Bauer, Heidi ; Ctyroky, Peter ; Pouresmaeil, Parissa ; Laskus, Lothar ; Puxbaum, Hans Intercomparison of thermal and optical measurement methods for elemental carbon and black carbon at an urban locationArtikel Article2006
19Pivnenko, Kostyantyn ; Laner, David ; Astrup, Thomas F. Material Cycles and Chemicals: Dynamic Material Flow Analysis of Contaminants in Paper RecyclingArtikel Article 2016
20Allesch, Astrid ; Brunner, Paul H. Material Flow Analysis as a Tool to improve Waste Management Systems: The Case of AustriaArtikel Article 2016