EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing

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EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing
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ONE NEW YORK PLAZA, SUITE 4600 , NEW YORK, United States, NY, 10004
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1Rupp Markus - 2015 - Adaptive filters stable but divergent.pdf.jpgRupp, Markus Adaptive filters: stable but divergentArticle Artikel 2015
2Rupp Markus - 2016 - Asymptotic equivalent analysis of the LMS algorithm under...pdf.jpgRupp, Markus Asymptotic equivalent analysis of the LMS algorithm under linearly filtered processesArticle Artikel 2016
3Slučiak, Ondrej ; Straková, Hana ; Rupp, Markus ; Gansterer, Wilfried Distributed Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization with simultaneous elements refinementArtikel Article 2016
4Djurović, Igor ; Stanković, Ljubiša ; Rupp (EURASIPMember), Markus ; Shao, Ling Editorial: Robust Processing of Nonstationary SignalsArtikel Article2010
5Mollova, Guergana Effects of digital filtering in data processing of seismic acceleration recordsArtikel Article2007
6Mehlführer, Christian ; Caban, Sebastian ; Rupp, Markus Experimental Evaluation of Adaptive Modulation and Coding in MIMO WiMAX with Limited FeedbackArtikel Article2008
7Rupp, Markus ; Pérez-Neira, Ana I. ; Gesbert, David ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph MIMO Transmission with Limited FeedbackArtikel Article2008
8Rupp, Markus ; Pérez-Neira, Ana ; Heath, Robert W ; Jindal, Nihar ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph Multiuser MIMO Transmission with Limited Feedback, Cooperation, and CoordinationArtikel Article2009
9Aschbacher, Ernst ; Cheong, Mei Yen ; Brunmayr, Peter ; Rupp, Markus ; Laakso, Timo I. Prototype Implementation of Two Efficient Low-Complexity Digital Predistortion AlgorithmsArtikel Article 2008
10Schwarz, Stefan ; Heath, Robert W ; Rupp, Markus Single-user MIMO versus multi-user MIMO in distributed antenna systems with limited feedbackArtikel Article2013
11Rupp, Markus ; Gini, Fulvio ; Pérez-Neira, Ana ; Pesquet-Popescu, Beatrice ; Pikrakis, Aggelos ; Sankur, Bulent ; Vandewalle, Patrick ; Zoubir, Abdelhak Special Issue on Reproducible Research in Signal ProcessingArtikel Article2011
12Mehlführer, Christian ; Colom Ikuno, Josep ; Šimko, Michal ; Schwarz, Stefan ; Wrulich, Martin ; Rupp, Markus The Vienna LTE Simulators - Enabling Reproducibility in Wireless Communications ResearchArtikel Article2011