EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking

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EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking
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ONE NEW YORK PLAZA, SUITE 4600 , NEW YORK, United States, NY, 10004
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1Ademaj, Fjolla ; Taranetz, Martin ; Rupp, Markus 3GPP 3D MIMO Channel Model: A Holistic Implementation Guideline for Open Source Simulation ToolsArtikel Article2016
2Taranetz, Martin ; Müller, Martin Klaus A survey on modeling interference and blockage in urban heterogeneous cellular networksArtikel Article2016
3Czink, Nicolai ; Zemen, Thomas ; Nuutinen, Jukka-Pekka ; Ylitalo, Juha ; Bonek, Ernst A Time-Variant MIMO Channel Model Directly Parametrised from MeasurementsArtikel Article2009
4O'Droma, Máirtín ; Rupp, Markus ; Koucheryavy, Yevgeni ; Kassler, Andreas Advances in Quality and Performance Assessment for Future Wireless Communication ServicesArtikel Article2010
5Fidler, Franz ; Wallner, Oswald Application of Single-Mode Fiber-Coupled Receivers in Optical Satellite to High-Altitude Platform CommunicationsArtikel Article2008
6Zoechmann-2019-EURASIP JOURNAL ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING-vor.pdf.jpgZöchmann, Erich ; Caban, Sebastian ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph ; Pratschner, Stefan ; Lerch, Martin ; Schwarz, Stefan ; Rupp, Markus Better than Rician: modelling millimetre wave channels as two-wave with diffuse powerArticle Artikel 2019
7Wrulich, Martin ; Rupp, Markus Computationally Efficient MIMO HSDPA System-Level ModelingArtikel Article2009
8Menghwar, Gordhan Das ; Jalbani, Akhtar Ali ; Memon, Mukhtiar ; Hyder, Mansoor ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph F Cooperative space-time codes with network codingArtikel Article2012
9Rodríguez-Piñeiro, José ; Lerch, Martin ; García Naya, José Antonio ; Caban, Sebastian ; Rupp, Markus ; Castedo, Luis Emulating extreme velocities of mobile LTE receivers in the downlinkArtikel Article2015
10Zöchmann, Erich ; Schwarz, Stefan ; Pratschner, Stefan ; Nagel, Lukas ; Lerch, Martin ; Rupp, Markus Exploring the physical layer frontiers of cellular uplinkArtikel Article2016
11Mueller-2018-EURASIP JOURNAL ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING-vor.pdf.jpgMüller, Martin Klaus ; Ademaj, Fjolla ; Dittrich, Thomas ; Fastenbauer, Agnes ; Ramos Elbal, Blanca ; Nabavi, Armand ; Nagel, Lukas ; Schwarz, Stefan ; Rupp, Markus Flexible multi-node simulation of cellular mobile communications: the Vienna 5G System Level SimulatorArticle Artikel 2018
12Kukolev, Pavel ; Chandra, Aniruddha ; Mikusalek, Tomas ; Prokes, Ales ; Zemen, Thomas ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph In-vehicle Channel Sounding in the 5.8 GHz BandArtikel Article2015
13Xaver, Florian ; Matz, Gerald ; Gerstoft, Peter ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph Localization of acoustic sources using a decentralized particle filterArtikel Article2011
14Blumenstein, Jiri ; Prokes, Ales ; Mikusalek, Tomas ; Marsalek, Roman ; Zemen, Thomas ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph Measurements of Ultra Wide Band In-vehicle channel - statistical description and TOA positioning feasibility study.Artikel Article2015
15Kavousi Ghafi, Hamid ; Spindelberger, Christian ; Arthaber, Holger Modeling of co-channel interference in bluetooth low energy based on measurement dataArtikel Article 2021
16Šimko, Michal ; Wang, Qi ; Rupp, Markus Optimal pilot symbol power allocation under time-variant channelsArtikel Article2012
17Schwarz-2018-EURASIP JOURNAL ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING-vor.pdf.jpgSchwarz, Stefan Robust full-dimension MIMO transmission based on limited feedback angular-domain CSITArticle Artikel 2018
18Almers, Peter ; Bonek, Ernst ; Burr, Alister ; Czink, Nicolai ; Debbah, Merouane ; Degli-Esposti, Vittorio ; Hofstetter, Helmut ; Kyösti, Pekka ; Laurenson, David ; Matz, Gerald ; Oestges, Claude ; Özcelik, Hüseyin Survey of Channel and Radio Propagation Models for Wireless MIMO SystemsArtikel Article2007
19Pratschner-2018-EURASIP JOURNAL ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING-vor.pdf.jpgPratschner, Stefan ; Tahir, Bashar ; Marijanovic, Ljiljana ; Mussbah, Mariam ; Kirev, Kiril ; Nissel, Ronald ; Schwarz, Stefan ; Rupp, Markus Versatile mobile communications simulation: the Vienna 5G Link Level SimulatorArticle Artikel 2018