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European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids
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1Kalliauer-2022-European Journal of Mechanics - ASolids-vor.pdf.jpgKalliauer, Johannes ; Mang, Herbert Are the terms stiffening/softening structures mechanically unambiguous?Article Artikel Nov-2022
2Pichler, Bernhard ; Dormieux, Luc Cohesive Zone Size of Microcracks in Brittle MaterialsArtikel Article2007
3Godinho, Pedro Miguel J.S. ; Jajcinovic, Marina ; Wagner, Leopold ; Vass, Viktoria ; Fischer, Wolfgang J. ; Bader, Thomas K. ; Hirn, Ulrich ; Bauer, Wolfgang ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef ; Hellmich, Christian A Continuum Micromechanics Approach to the Elasticity and Strength of Planar Fiber Networks: Theory and Application to Paper SheetsArtikel Article 2019
4Kohlhauser, C. ; Hellmich, C. Determination of Poisson's Ratios in Isotropic, Transversely Isotropic, and Orthotropic Materials by Means of Combined Ultrasonic-Mechanical Testing of Normal Stiffnesses: Application to Metals and WoodArtikel Article2012
5Hofstetter, Karin ; Hellmich, Christian ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef Development and Experimental Validation of a Continuum Micromechanics Model for the Elasticity of WoodArtikel Article2005
6Klusemann, B. ; Böhm, H.J. ; Svendsen, B. Homogenization Methods for Multi-Phase Elastic Composites with Non-Elliptical Reinfocements: Comparisons and BenchmarksArtikel Article2012
7Höller, Raphael ; Aminbaghai, Mehdi ; Eberhardsteiner, Lukas ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef ; Blab, Ronald ; Pichler, Bernhard ; Hellmich, Christian Rigorous Amendment of Vlasov's Theory for Thin Elastic Plates on Elastic Winkler Foundations, Based on the Priniple of Virtual PowerArtikel Article 2019
8Wang-2022-European Journal of Mechanics - ASolids-vor.pdf.jpgWang, Hui ; Yuan, Yong ; Mang, Herbert ; Ai, Qing ; Huang, Xingchun ; Pichler, Bernhard Thermal stresses in rectangular concrete beams, resulting from constraints at microstructure, cross-section, and supportsArticle Artikel May-2022
9Buryachenko, Valeri A. ; Rammerstorfer, Franz G. Thermoelastic Stress Fluctuations in Random-Structure Coated Particulate CompositesArtikel Article1998
10Pustogow, Andrej Thirty-Year Anniversary of κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu2(CN)3: Reconciling the Spin Gap in a Spin-Liquid CandidateArtikel Article 2022
11Shahidi, M. ; Pichler, B. ; Hellmich, Ch. Viscous Interfaces as Source for Material Creep: A Continuum Micromechanics ApproachArtikel Article2014