Formal Methods in System Design

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Formal Methods in System Design
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1Sánchez, César ; Schneider, Gerardo ; Ahrendt, Wolfgang ; Bartocci, Ezio ; Bianculli, Domenico ; Colombo, Christian ; Falcone, Yliès ; Francalanza, Adrian ; Krstić, Srđan ; Lourenço, Joa̋o M. ; Nickovic, Dejan ; Pace, Gordon J. ; Rufino, Jose ; Signoles, Julien ; Traytel, Dmitriy ; Weiss, Alexander A survey of challenges for runtime verification from advanced application domains (beyond software)Artikel Article 2019
2Tabaei Befrouei Mitra - 2016 - Abstraction and mining of traces to explain...pdf.jpgTabaei Befrouei, Mitra ; Wang, Chao ; Weissenbacher, Georg Abstraction and mining of traces to explain concurrency bugsArticle Artikel Oct-2016
3Phan, Dung ; Yang, Junxing ; Grosu, Radu ; Smolka, Scott A. ; Stoller, Scott D. Collision Avoidance for Mobile Robots with Limited Sensing and Limited Information about Moving ObstaclesArtikel Article 2017
4Demyanova, Yulia ; Pani, Thomas ; Veith, Helmut ; Zuleger, Florian Empirical software metrics for benchmarking of verification toolsArtikel Article 2017
5Seyster, Justin ; Dixit, Ketan ; Huang, Xiaowan ; Grosu, Radu ; Havelund, Klaus ; Smolka, Scott A. ; Stoller, Scott D. ; Zadok, Erez InterAspect: aspect-oriented instrumentation with GCCArtikel Article2012
6Konnov, Igor ; Lazić, Marijana ; Veith, Helmut ; Widder, Josef Para^2: Parameterized Path Reduction, Acceleration, and SMT for Reachability in Threshold-Guarded Distributed AlgorithmsArtikel Article 2017
7Gottlob, Georg ; Henzinger, Thomas A. ; Weissenbacher, Georg Preface of the Special Issue in Memoriam Helmut VeithArtikel Article2017
8Chockler, Hana ; Weissenbacher, Georg Preface of the special issue on the conference on computer-aided verification 2018Artikel Article2021
9Stewart, Daryl ; Weissenbacher, Georg Preface of the Special Issue on the Conference on Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design 2017Artikel Article2020
10Moosbrugger, Marcel ; Bartocci, Ezio ; Katoen, Joost-Pieter ; Kovacs, Laura The probabilistic termination tool amberArticle Artikel Aug-2022
11Jakšić, Stefan ; Bartocci, Ezio ; Grosu, Radu ; Nguyen, Thang ; Ničković, Dejan Quantitative monitoring of STL with edit distanceArtikel Article 2018
12Moosbrugger Patrick - 2017 - R2U2 monitoring and diagnosis of security threats...pdf.jpgMoosbrugger, Patrick ; Rozier, Kristin Y. ; Schumann, Johann R2U2: monitoring and diagnosis of security threats for unmanned aerial systemsArticle Artikel 2017
13Pani, Thomas ; Weissenbacher, Georg ; Zuleger, Florian Rely-guarantee bound analysis of parameterized concurrent shared-memory programsArtikel Article 2021
14Reinbacher, Thomas ; Függer, Matthias ; Brauer, Jörg Runtime verification of embedded real-time systemsArtikel Article2013
15Bloem, Roderick ; Braud-Santoni, Nicolas ; Hadzic, Vedad ; Egly, Uwe ; Lonsing, Florian ; Seidl, Martina Two SAT solvers for solving quantified Boolean formulas with an arbitrary number of quantifier alternationsArtikel Article 2021
16Lewis, Matt ; Kroening, Daniel ; Weissenbacher, Georg Under-approximating loops in C programs for fast counterexample detectionArtikel Article 2015