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Fuel Processing Technology
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RADARWEG 29a, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 1043 NX
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1Bielansky, Peter ; Weinert, Alexander ; Schönberger, Christoph ; Reichhold, Alexander Catalytic conversion of vegetable oils in a continuous FCC pilot plantArtikel Article2011
2Kuba, Matthias ; He, Hanbing ; Kirnbauer, Friedrich ; Boström, Dan ; Öhman, Marcus ; Hofbauer, Hermann Deposit build-up and ash behavior in dual fluid bed steam gasification of logging residues in an industrial power plantArtikel Article2015
3Weber, G. ; Di Giuliano, A. ; Rauch, R. ; Hofbauer, H. Developing a simulation model for a mixed alcohol synthesis reactor and validation of experimental data in IPSEₚᵣₒArtikel Article 2016
4Schwarzböck, Therese ; Aschenbrenner, Philipp ; Rechberger, Helmut ; Brandstätter, Christian ; Fellner, Johann Effects of sample preparation on the accuracy of biomass content determination for refuse-derived fuelsArtikel Article 2016
5Kramreiter, Robert ; Url, Michael ; Kotik, Jan ; Hofbauer, Hermann Experimental investigation of a 125 kW twin-fire fixed bed gasification pilot plant and comparison to the results of a 2 MW combined heat and power plant (CHP)Artikel Article2008
6Bartik, Alexander ; Fuchs, Josef ; Pacholik, Gernot ; Föttinger, Karin ; Hofbauer, Hermann ; Müller, Stefan ; Benedikt, Florian Experimental investigation on the methanation of hydrogen-rich syngas in a bubbling fluidized bed reactor utilizing an optimized catalystArticle Artikel 1-Dec-2022
7Dietrich, Florian ; Schöny, Gerhard ; Fuchs, Johannes ; Hofbauer, Hermann Experimental study of the adsorber performance in a multi-stage fluidized bed system for continuous CO₂ capture by means of temperature swing adsorptionArtikel Article 2018
8Kern, Stefan ; Pfeifer, Christoph ; Hofbauer, Hermann Gasification of lignite in a dual fluidized bed gasifier - Influence of bed material particle size and the amount of steamArtikel Article2013
9Pröll, Tobias ; Hofbauer, Hermann H2 rich syngas by selective CO2 removal from biomass gasification in a dual fluidized bed system - Process modelling approachArtikel Article2008
10Nowak, Benedikt ; Aschenbrenner, Philipp ; Winter, Franz Heavy metal removal from sewage slush ash and municipal solid waste fly ash - A comparisonArtikel Article2013
11Fleiß, Benjamin ; Penthor, Stefan ; Müller, Stefan ; Hofbauer, Hermann ; Fuchs, Josef Holistic assessment of oxygen carriers for chemical looping combustion based on laboratory experiments and validation in 80 kW pilot plantArtikel Article 2022
12Chianese, Simeone ; Loipersböck, Jurgen ; Malits, Markus ; Rauch, Reinhard ; Hofbauer, Hermann ; Molino, Antonio ; Musmarra, Dino Hydrogen from the high temperature water gas shift reaction with an industrial Fe/Cr catalyst using biomass gasification tar rich synthesis gasArtikel Article 2015
13Koppatz, Stefan ; Pfeifer, Christoph ; Rauch, Reinhard ; Hofbauer, Hermann ; Marquard-Moellenstedt, Tonja ; Specht, Michael H₂ rich product gas by steam gasification of biomass with in situ CO₂ absorption in a dual fluidized bed system of 8 MW fuel inputArtikel Article2009
14Wilk, V. ; Hofbauer, H. Influence of fuel particle size on gasification in a dual fluidized bed steam gasifierArtikel Article2013
15Hofer, G. ; Schöny, G. ; Fuchs, J. ; Pröll, T. Investigating wall-to-bed heat transfer in view of a continuous temperature swing adsorption processArtikel Article 2017
16Fraubaum, Michaela ; Walter, Heimo ; Zuber, Christian Kinetic modeling of a combined tar removal and methanation reactor for biogenous synthesis gas at medium temperature conditionsArtikel Article 2016
17Purgar, Amon ; Winter, Franz ; Blasenbauer, Dominik ; Hartmann, Silvia ; Lederer, Jakob ; Fellner, Johann ; Rechberger, Helmut Main drivers for integrating zinc recovery from fly ashes into the Viennese waste incineration clusterArtikel Article 2016
18Sadooghi, Parham ; Rauch, Reinhard Mathematical modeling of sulfur deactivation effects on steam reforming of producer gas produced by biomass gasificationArtikel Article2013
19Kaushal, Priyanka ; Pröll, Tobias ; Hofbauer, Hermann Model for biomass char combustion in the riser of a dual fluidized bed gasification unit: Part 1 - Model development and sensitivity analysisArtikel Article2008
20Kaushal, Priyanka ; Pröll, Tobias ; Hofbauer, Hermann Model for biomass char combustion in the riser of a dual fluidized bed gasification unit: Part II - Model validation and parameter variationArtikel Article2008