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1Eiter, Thomas ; Erdem, Esra ; Faber, Wolfgang ; Senko, Jan A Logic-Based Approach to Finding Explanations for Discrepencies in Optimistic Plan ExecutionArtikel Article2007
2Freund, Rudolf ; Alhazov, Artiom Antimatter as a Frontier of Tractability in Membrane ComputingArtikel Article2014
3Freund, Rudolf ; Oswald, Marion ; Paun, Gheorghe Catalytic and Purely Catalytic {P} Systems and {P} Automata: Control Mechanisms for Obtaining Computational CompletenessArtikel Article2015
4Freund, Rudolf ; Tafill, Fritz Cellular Automata and Parallel Array SystemsArtikel Article2007
5Bliem, Bernhard ; Charwat, Günther ; Hecher, Markus ; Woltran, Stefan D-FLAT^2: Subset Minimization in Dynamic Programming on Tree Decompositions Made EasyArtikel Article 2016
6Charwat, Günther ; Woltran, Stefan Expansion-based {QBF} Solving on Tree DecompositionsArtikel Article 2019
7Lukasiewicz, Thomas Fuzzy Description Logic Programs under the Answer Set Semantics for the Semantic WebArtikel Article2008
8Freund, Rudolf ; Alhazov, Artiom Length P SystemsArtikel Article2014
9Bichler, Manuel ; Morak, Michael ; Woltran, Stefan lpopt: A Rule Optimization Tool for Answer Set ProgrammingArtikel Article 2020
10Freund, Rudolf ; Oswald, Marion Modelling Grammar Systems by Tissue P Systems Working in the Sequential ModeArtikel Article2007
11Droste, Manfred ; Kuich, Werner ; Rahonis, G. Multi-valued MSO logics over words and treesArtikel Article2008
12Freund, Rudolf ; Fernau, Henning Non-Isometric Contextual Array Grammars and the Role of Regular Control and Local SelectorsArtikel Article 2017
13Bloom, Stephen L. ; Esik, Zoltan ; Kuich, Werner Partial Conway and Iteration SemiringsArtikel Article2008
14Freund, Rudolf PrefaceArtikel Article 2016
15Eiter, Thomas ; Maratea, Marco ; Vallati, Mauro Preface: Special issue of the 25th RCRA International Workshop on Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for Solving Problems with Combinatorial ExplosionArtikel Article28-Sep-2020
16Freund, Rudolf ; Oswald, Marion Regular ω-Languages defined by Extended Spiking Neural P SystemsArtikel Article2008
17Alhazov, Artiom ; Freund, Rudolf ; Ivanov, Sergiu ; Oswald, Marion Relations between Control Mechanisms for Sequential GrammarsArtikel Article 2021
18Fernau, Henning ; Freund, Rudolf ; Holzer, Markus Representations of Recursively Enumerable Array Languages by Contextual Array GrammarsArtikel Article2005
19Mateescu, Alexandru ; Freund, Rudolf Routes and Products of MonoidsArtikel Article2006
20Eiter, Thomas ; Franconi, Enrico ; Kifer, Michael Rules and Rule Markup Languages for the Semantic WebArtikel Article2008