IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing

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IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing
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445 HOES LANE, PISCATAWAY, USA, NJ, 08855-4141
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1Zinno, Ivana ; Casu, Francesco ; Luca, Claudio De ; Elefante, Stefano ; Lanari, Riccardo ; Manunta, Michele A Cloud Computing Solution for the Efficient Implementation of the P-SBAS DInSAR ApproachArtikel Article2017
2Li, Nan ; Kähler, Olaf ; Pfeifer, Norbert A Comparison of Deep Learning Methods for Airborne Lidar Point Clouds ClassificationArtikel Article 2021
3Rutzinger, Martin ; Rottensteiner, Franz ; Pfeifer, Norbert A Comparison of Evaluation Techniques for Building Extraction From Airborne Laser ScanningArtikel Article2009
4Ghorbani, Fariborz ; Ebadi, Hamid ; Sedaghat, Amin ; Pfeifer, Norbert A Novel 3-D Local DAISY-Style Descriptor to Reduce the Effect of Point Displacement Error in Point Cloud RegistrationArtikel Article 2022
5Adavi, Zohreh ; Rohm, Witold ; Weber, Robert Analyzing Different Parameterization Methods in GNSS Tomography Using the COST Benchmark DatasetArtikel Article 2020
6Ali, Iftikhar ; Barrett, Brian ; Cawkwell, Fiona ; Green, Stuart ; Dwyer, Edward ; Neumann, Maxim Application of Repeat-Pass TerraSAR-X Staring Spotlight Interferometric Coherence to Monitor Pasture Biophysical Parameters: Limitations and Sensitivity AnalysisArtikel Article2017
7Vreugdenhil-2017-IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observat...-am.pdf.jpgVreugdenhil, Mariette ; Hahn, Sebastian ; Melzer, Thomas ; Bauer-Marschallinger, Bernhard ; Reimer, Christoph ; Dorigo, Wouter Arnoud ; Wagner, Wolfgang Assessing Vegetation Dynamics Over Mainland Australia With Metop ASCATArticle Artikel 1-May-2017
8Walicka, Agata ; Pfeifer, Norbert Automatic Segmentation of Individual Grains From a Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Cloud of a Mountain River BedArtikel Article 2022
9Lindberg, Eva ; Eysn, Lothar ; Hollaus, Markus ; Holmgren, Johan ; Pfeifer, Norbert Delineation of Tree Crowns and Tree Species Classification From Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanning Data Using 3-D Ellipsoidal ClusteringArtikel Article2014
10Hahn, Sebastian ; Reimer, Christoph ; Vreugdenhil, Mariette ; Melzer, Thomas ; Wagner, Wolfgang Dynamic Characterization of the Incidence Angle Dependence of Backscatter Using Metop ASCATArtikel Article2017
11Figa-Saldaña, Julia ; Scipal, Klaus ; Long, David ; Bourassa, Mark A. ; Wagner, Wolfgang ; Stoffelen, Ad Foreword to the Special Issue on "New Challenges and Opportunities in Scatterometry"Artikel Article2017
12Doubkova, Marcela ; Dostálová, Alena ; Dijk, Albert van ; Blöschl, Günter ; Wagner, Wolfgang How do spatial scale, noise, and reference data affect empirical estimates of error in ASAR-Derived 1 km resolution soil moistureArtikel Article2014
13Dorigo, Wouter A. Improving the robustness of cotton status characterisation by radiative transfer model inversion of multi-angular CHRIS/PROBA dataArtikel Article2012
14Ali, Iftikhar ; Cao, Senmao ; Freeman, Vahid ; Paulik, Christoph ; Wagner, Wolfgang Methods to Remove the Border Noise From Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar Data: Implications and Importance For Time-Series AnalysisArtikel Article2018
15Ali, Iftikhar ; Cawkwell, Fiona ; Dwyer, Edward ; Green, Stuart Modeling Managed Grassland Biomass Estimation by Using Multitemporal Remote Sensing Data-A Machine Learning ApproachArtikel Article2017
16Hornacek, Michael ; Wagner, Wolfgang ; Sabel, Daniel ; Truong, Hong-Linh ; Snoeij, Paul ; Hahmann, Thomas ; Diedrich, Erhard ; Doubkova, Marcela Potential for High Resolution Systematic Global Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval via Change Detection Using Sentinel-1Artikel Article2012
17Sun, Shengtao ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Ranjan, Rajiv ; Morgan, Graham ; Dong, Yusen ; Wang, Lizhe Remote Sensing Image Interpretation With Semantic Graph-Based Methods: A SurveyArtikel Article 2022
18Brocca-2016-IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations ...-am.pdf.jpgBrocca, Luca ; Massari, Christian ; Ciabatta, Luca ; Wagner, Wolfgang ; Stoffelen, Ad Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Rainfall from Ku-Band ScatterometersArticle Artikel 6-Jan-2016
19Brocca-2017-IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations ...-am.pdf.jpgBrocca, Luca ; Crow, Wade ; Ciabatta, Luca ; Massari, Christian ; de Rosnay, Patricia ; Enenkel, Markus ; Hahn, Sebastian ; Amarnath, Giriraj ; Camici, Stefania ; Tarpanelli, Angelica ; Wagner, Wolfgang A Review of the Applications of ASCAT Soil Moisture ProductsArticle Artikel 6-Feb-2017
20Stoffelen, Ad ; Aaboe, Signe ; Calvet, Jean-Christophe ; Cotton, James ; De Chiara, Giovanna ; Saldana, Julia Figa ; Mouche, Alexis Aurelien ; Portabella, Marcos ; Scipal, Klaus ; Wagner, Wolfgang Scientific Developments and the EPS-SG ScatterometerArtikel Article2017