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1Mishra, Hrishik ; Balachandran, Ribin ; De Stefano, Marco ; Christian, Ott A Compliant Partitioned Shared Control Strategy for an Orbital RobotArtikel Article 2021
2Wu, Xuwei ; Kirner, Annika ; Garofalo, Gianluca ; Ott, Christian ; Kotyczka, Paul ; Dietrich, Alexander Adaptive Tracking Control With Uncertainty-Aware and State-Dependent Feedback Action Blending for Robot ManipulatorsArticle Artikel 10-Oct-2022
3Weibel, Jean-Baptiste ; Patten, Timothy ; Vincze, Markus Addressing the Sim2Real Gap in Robotic 3-D Object ClassificationArtikel Article 2020
4Zambella-2023-IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters-vor.pdf.jpgZambella, Grazia ; Schuller, Robert ; Mesesan, George ; Bicchi, Antonio ; Ott, Christian ; Lee, Jinoh Agile and Dynamic Standing-Up Control for Humanoids Using 3D Divergent Component of Motion in Multi-Contact ScenarioArticle Artikel Sep-2023
5Fäulhammer, Thomas ; Ambrus, Rares ; Burbridge, Chris ; Zillich, Michael ; Folkesson, John ; Hawes, Nick ; Jensfelt, Patric ; Vincze, Markus Autonomous Learning of Object Models on a Mobile RobotArtikel Article 2016
6Murali, Prajval Kumar ; Wang, Cong ; Lee, Dongheui ; Dahiya, Ravinder ; Kaboli, Mohsen Deep Active Cross-Modal Visuo-Tactile Transfer Learning for Robotic Object RecognitionArticle Artikel 15-Jul-2022
7Wolf, Daniel ; Prankl, Johann ; Vincze, Markus Enhancing Semantic Segmentation for Robotics: The Power of 3D Entangled ForestsArtikel Article 2015
8Wally, Bernhard ; Vyskocil, Jiri ; Novak, Petr ; Huemer, Christian ; Sindelar, Radek ; Kadera, Petr ; Mazak, Alexandra ; Wimmer, Manuel Flexible Production Systems: Automated Generation of Operations Plans based on ISA-95 and PDDLArtikel Article 2019
9Iskandar, Maged ; Ott, Christian ; Albu-Schäffer, Alin ; Siciliano, Bruno ; Dietrich, Alexander Hybrid Force-Impedance Control for Fast End-Effector MotionsArticle Artikel 2023
10Rosenberger, Patrick ; Cosgun, Akansel ; Rhys, Newbury ; Kwan, Jun ; Ortenzi, Valerio ; Corke, Peter ; Grafinger, Manfred Object-Independent Human-to-Robot Handovers using Real Time Robotic VisionArtikel Article 2021
11Loghmani, Mohammad Reza ; Planamente, Mirco ; Caputo, Barbara ; Vincze, Markus Recurrent Convolutional Fusion for RGB-D Object RecognitionArtikel Article 2019
12Weibel, Jean Baptiste ; Patten, Timothy ; Vincze, Markus Robust Sim2Real 3D Object Classification Using Graph Representations and a Deep Center Voting SchemeArticle Artikel Jul-2022
13Keppler, Manuel ; Raschel, Clara ; Wandinger, David ; Stemmer, Andreas ; Ott, Christian Robust Stabilization of Elastic Joint Robots by ESP and PID Control: Theory and ExperimentsArticle Artikel 30-Jun-2022
14Harder, Marie ; Keppler, Manuel ; Meng, Xuming ; Ott, Christian ; Hoppner, Hannes ; Dietrich, Alexander Simultaneous Motion Tracking and Joint Stiffness Control of Bidirectional Antagonistic Variable-Stiffness ActuatorsArticle Artikel 20-May-2022
15Loghmani, Mohammad Reza ; Robbiano, Luca ; Planamente, Mirco ; Park, Kiru ; Caputo, Barbara ; Vincze, Markus Unsupervised Domain Adaptation through Inter-modal Rotation for RGB-D Object RecognitionArtikel Article 2020
16Bauer, Dominik ; Patten, Timothy ; Vincze, Markus VeREFINE: Integrating Object Pose Verification With Physics-Guided Iterative RefinementArtikel Article 2020
17Patten, Timothy ; Zillich, Michael ; Fitch, Robert ; Vincze, Markus ; Sukkarieh, Salah Viewpoint Evaluation for Online 3-D Active Object ClassificationArtikel Article 2016
18Caporali, Alessio ; Pantano, Matteo ; Janisch, Lucas ; Regulin, Daniel ; Palli, Gianluca ; Lee, Dongheui A Weakly Supervised Semi-Automatic Image Labeling Approach for Deformable Linear ObjectsArticle Artikel Feb-2023