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IEEE Sensors Journal
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1Förtsch, Michael ; Zimmermann, Horst ; Pless, Holger 220-MHz Monolithically Integrated Optical Sensor With Large-Area Integrated PIN PhotodiodeArtikel Article2006
2Schröder, A. ; Kupnik, M. ; O´Leary, P. ; Benes, Ewald ; Gröschl, Martin A Capacitance Ultrasonic Transducer With Micromachined Backplate for Fast Flow Measurements in Hot Pulsating GasesArtikel Article2006
3Antlinger, Hannes ; Clara, Stefan ; Beigelbeck, Roman ; Cerimovic, Samir ; Keplinger, Franz ; Jakoby, Bernhard A Differential Pressure Wave-Based Sensor Setup for the Acoustic Viscosity of LiquidsArtikel Article 2016
4Schnitzer, Reinhard ; Reiter, C. ; Harms, K.-C. ; Benes, Ewald ; Gröschl, Martin A General-Purpose Online Measurement System for Resonant BAW SensorsArtikel Article2006
5Brandl, Martin ; Grabner, J. ; Kellner, K.-H. ; Seifert, Franz ; Nicolics, Johann ; Grabner, S. ; Grabner, G. A Low-Cost Wireless Sensor System and its Application in Dental RetainersArtikel Article2009
6Haiden, Christoph ; Wopelka, Thomas ; Jech, Martin ; Keplinger, Franz ; Vellekoop, Michael J. A Microfluidic Chip and Dark-Field Imaging System for Size Measurement of Metal Wear Particles in OilArtikel Article 2016
7Valentin, Bernhard ; Mündlein, Martin ; Chabicovsky, Rupert ; Nicolics, Johann A Novel Transepidermal Water Loss SensorArtikel Article2006
8Kupnik, M. ; Schröder, A. ; O´Leary, P. ; Benes, Ewald ; Gröschl, Martin Adaptive Pulse Repetition Frequency Technique for an Ultrasonic Transit-Time Gas Flowmeter for Hot Pulsating GasesArtikel Article2006
9Hortschitz, Wilfried ; Steiner, Harald ; Sachse, Matthias ; Stifter, Michael ; Kohl, Franz ; Schalko, Johannes ; Jachimowicz, Artur ; Keplinger, Franz ; Sauter, Thilo An Optical In-Plane MEMS Vibration SensorArtikel Article2011
10Giouroudi, Ioanna ; Hauser, Hans ; Musiejovsky, Laszlo ; Steurer, Johannes Characterization of Amorphous GMI Thin-Film Meander TrilayersArtikel Article2006
11Kuntner, Jochen ; Stangl, Günther ; Jakoby, Bernhard Characterizing the Rheological Behavior of Oil-Based Liquids: Microacoustic Sensors Versus Rotational ViscometersArtikel Article2005
12Günthner, S. ; Egretzberger, M. ; Kugi, A. ; Kapser, K. ; Schmid, Ulrich ; Seidel, Helmut Compensation of Parasitic Effects for a Silicon Tuning Fork GyroscopeArtikel Article2006
13Nemecek, Alexander ; Oberhauser, Klaus ; Zimmermann, Horst Distance Measurement Sensor With PIN-Photodiode and Bridge CircuitArtikel Article2006
14Fricke, Sören ; Friedberger, Alois ; Müller, Gerhard ; Brode, Wolfgang ; Seidel, Helmut ; Schmid, Ulrich Electrical Performance of Alumina Thin Films for High-Temperature Pressure Cells With a Metallic BodyArtikel Article2010
15Kostner, Stefan ; Van den Driesche, Sander ; Witarski, W. ; Pastorekova, Silvia ; Vellekoop, Michael J. Guided Dielectrophoresis: A Robust Method for Continuous Particle and Cell SeparationArtikel Article2010
16Husstedt, Hendrik ; Ausserlechner, Udo ; Kaltenbacher, Manfred In-situ Analysis of Deformation and Mechanical Stress of Packaged Silicon Dies with an Array of Hall PlatesArtikel Article2011
17Tomic, Milos C. ; Djinovic, Zoran V. Inline Liquid Concentration Measurement in Nanoliter Volume Using Fiber-Optic Low-Coherence InterferometryArtikel Article2008
18Krammer, Peter ; Schweinzer, Herbert Localization of Object Edges in Arbitrary Spatial Positions Based on Ultrasonic DataArtikel Article2006
19Stifter, Michael ; Steiner, Harald ; Hortschitz, Wilfried ; Sauter, Thilo ; Glatzl, Thomas ; Dabsch, Alexander ; Keplinger, Franz MEMS Micro-Wire Magnetic Field Detection Method at CERNArtikel Article 2016
20Dalola, S. ; Cerimovic, S. ; Kohl, F. ; Beigelbeck, R. ; Schalko, J. ; Ferrari, V. ; Marioli, D. ; Keplinger, F. ; Sauter, T. MEMS Thermal Flow Sensor With Smart Electronic Interface CircuitArtikel Article2012