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1Saleem, Sajid ; Sablatnig, Robert A Robust SIFT Descriptor for Multispectral ImagesArtikel Article2014
2Li, Tiancheng ; Hlawatsch, Franz ; Djuric, Petar M. Cardinality-consensus-based PHD filtering for distributed multitarget trackingArtikel Article 2019
3Gaglione, Domenico ; Soldi, Giovanni ; Braca, Paolo ; De Magistris, Giovanni ; Meyer, Florian ; Hlawatsch, Franz Classification-aided multitarget tracking using the sum-product algorithmArtikel Article 2020
4Mecklenbräuker, Wolfgang Comments on "Quantization Noise as Superposition of Frequency-Modulated Sinusoids"Artikel Article2010
5Tahir, Bashar ; Schwarz, Stefan ; Rupp, Markus Constructing Grassmannian Frames by an Iterative Collision-Based PackingArtikel Article 2019
6Cakmak, Burak ; Urup, Daniel N. ; Meyer, Florian ; Pedersen, Troels ; Fleury, Bernard ; Hlawatsch, Franz Cooperative Localization for Mobile Networks: A Distributed Belief Propagation - Mean Field Message Passing AlgorithmArtikel Article 2016
7Bölcskei, Helmut ; Gröchenig, K. ; Hlawatsch, Franz ; Feichtinger, H.G. Corrections to "Oversampled Wilson expansions"Artikel Article1997
8Hlinka, Ondrej ; Hlawatsch, Franz ; Djuric, Petar Distributed sequential estimation in asynchronous wireless sensor networksArtikel Article2015
9Anwar, Hafeez ; Zambanini, Sebastian ; Kampel, Martin Efficient Scale- and Rotation-Invariant Encoding of Visual Words for Image ClassificationArtikel Article 2015
10Jung, Alexander ; Hannak, Gabor ; Goertz, Norbert Graphical LASSO based Model Selection for Time SeriesArtikel Article 2015
11Görtz, Norbert ; Guo, Chunli ; Jung, Alexander ; Davies, Mike E- ; Doblinger, Gerhard Iterative Recovery of Dense Signals from Incomplete MeasurementsArtikel Article2014
12Gerstoft, Peter ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph ; Xenaki, Angeliki ; Nannuru, Santosh Multisnapshot Sparse Bayesian Learning for DOAArtikel Article Oct-2016
13Sluciak, Ondrej ; Rupp, Markus Network Size Estimation using Distributed OrthogonalizationArtikel Article2013
14Schwarz, Stefan Outage Investigation of Beamforming over Random-Phase Finite-Scatterer MISO ChannelsArtikel Article 2017
15Schwarz, Stefan ; Rupp, Markus Predictive Quantization on the Stiefel ManifoldArtikel Article 2015
16Schwarz, Stefan Probabilistic Analysis of Semidefinite Relaxation for Leakage-Based MulticastingArtikel Article 2016
17Schwarz, Stefan Recursive CSI Quantization of Time-Correlated MIMO Channels by Deep Learning ClassificationArtikel Article 2020
18Schwarz, Stefan ; Rupp, Markus Reduced Complexity Recursive Grassmannian QuantizationArtikel Article 2020
19Meyer, Florian ; Hlinka, Ondrej ; Hlawatsch, Franz Sigma Point Belief PropagationArtikel Article2014