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1Karaca, Hasan ; Holland, Steffen ; Ritter, Hans-Martin ; Kumar, Vasantha ; Notermans, Guido ; Pogany, Dionyz 3-D TCAD Methodology for Simulating Double-Hysteresis Filamentary IV Behavior and Holding Current in ESD Protection SCRsArtikel Article 2021
2Aichinger, T. ; Nelhiebel, M. ; Grasser, Tibor A Combined Study of p- and n-Channel MOS Devices to Investigate the Energetic Distribution of Oxide Traps After NBTIArtikel Article2009
3Ghobadi, Nayereh ; Pourfath, Mahdi A Comparative Study of Tunneling FETs Based on Graphene and GNR HeterostructuresArtikel Article2014
4Abramo, A. ; Baudry, L. ; Brunetti, R. ; Castagne, R. ; Charef, M. ; Dessene, F. ; Dollfus, P. ; Dutton, R. ; Engl, W.L. ; Fauquembergue, R. ; Fiegna, C. ; Fischetti, M.V. ; Galdin, S. ; Goldsman, N. ; Hackel, Michael ; Hamaguchi, C. ; Hess, K. ; Hennacy, K. ; Hesto, P. ; Higman, J.M. ; Iizuka, T. ; Jungemann, C. ; Kamakura, Y. ; Kosina, Hans ; Kunikiyo, T. ; Laux, S.E. ; Lin, H. ; Maziar, C. ; Mizuno, H. ; Peifer, H.J. ; Ramaswamy, S. ; Sano, N. ; Scrobohaci, P.G. ; Selberherr, Siegfried ; Takenaka, M. ; Tang, T.-W. ; Taniguchi, K. ; Thobel, J.L. ; Thoma, R. ; Tomizawa, K. ; Tomizawa, M. ; Vogelsang, T. ; Wang, S.-L. ; Wang, X ; Yao, C.-S. ; Yoder, P.D. ; Yoshii, A. A Comparison of Numerical Solutions of the Boltzmann Transport Equation for High-Energy Electron Transport SiliconArtikel Article 1994
5Azar, Nima Sefidmooye ; Pourfath, Mahdi A Comprehensive Study of Transistors Based on Conductive Polymer Matrix CompositesArtikel Article 2015
6Djavid, Nima ; Khaliji, Kaveh ; Tabatabaei, Seyed Mohammad ; Pourfath, Mahdi A Computational Study on the Electronic Transport Properties of Ultra-Narrow Disordered Zigzag Graphene NanoribbonsArtikel Article2014
7Machek, J. ; Selberherr, S. A Novel Finite-Element Approach to Device ModelingArtikel Article1983
8Yazdanpanah, Arash ; Pourfath, Mahdi ; Fathipour, Morteza ; Kosina, Hans ; Selberherr, Siegfried A Numerical Study of Line-Edge Roughness Scattering in Graphene NanoribbonsArtikel Article2012
9Markowich, P.A. ; Ringhofer, C.A. ; Selberherr, S. ; Lentini, M. A Singular Perturbation Approach for the Analysis of the Fundamental Semiconductor EquationsArtikel Article1983
10Ahsan, Sheikh Aamir ; Singh, Shivendra Kumar ; Mir, Mehak Ashraf ; Perucchini, Marta ; Polyushkin, Dmitry K. ; Mueller, Thomas ; Fiori, Gianluca ; Marin, Enrique G. A SPICE Compact Model for Ambipolar 2-D-Material FETs Aiming at Circuit DesignArtikel Article 2021
11Puchner, H. ; Selberherr, S. An Advanced Model for Dopant Diffusion in PolysiliconArtikel Article1995
12Goharrizi, Arash Yazdanpanah ; Pourfath, Mahdi ; Fathipour, Morteza ; Kosina, Hans ; Selberherr, Siegfried An Analytical Model for Line-Edge Roughness Limited Mobility of Graphene NanoribbonsArtikel Article2011
13Puschkarsky, Katja ; Reisinger, H. ; Rott, Gunnar Andreas ; Schluender, C ; Gustin, W. ; Grasser, Tibor An Efficient Analog Compact NBTI Model for Stress and Recovery Based on Activation Energy MapsArtikel Article 2019
14Rigato, Matteo ; Fleury, Clement ; Schwarz, Benedikt ; Mergens, Markus ; Bychikhin, Sergey ; Simburger, Werner ; Pogany, Dionyz Analysis of ESD Beheviour of Stacked nMOSFET RF Switches in Bulk TechnologyArtikel Article 2018
15Vasicek, Martin ; Cervenka, Johann ; Esseni, David ; Palestri, Pierpaolo ; Grasser, Tibor Applicability of Macroscopic Transport Models to Decananometer MOSFETsArtikel Article2012
16Ruch, Bernhard ; Jech, Markus ; Pobegen, Gregor ; Grasser, Tibor Applicability of Shockley-Read-Hall Theory for Interface StatesArtikel Article 2021
17Gholipour, M. ; Masoumi, N. ; Chen, Y. C. ; Chen, D. ; Pourfath, Mahdi Asymmetric Gate Schottky-Barrier Graphene Nanoribbon FETs for Low-Power DesignArtikel Article 2014
18Karamitaheri, Hossein ; Pourfath, Mahdi ; Faez, Rahim ; Kosina, Hans Atomistic Study of the Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Rough Graphene NanoribbonsArtikel Article2013
19Johnsson, David ; Pogany, Dionyz ; Willemen, Joost ; Gornik, Erich ; Stecher, Matthias Avalanche Breakdown Delay in ESD Protection DiodesArtikel Article2010
20Stradiotto, Roberta ; Pobegen, Gregor ; Ostermaier, Clemens ; Waltl, Michael ; Grill, Alexander ; Grasser, Tibor Characterization of Interface Defects With Distributed Activation Energies in GaN-Based MIS-HEMTsArtikel Article 2017