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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
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1Wertjanz, Daniel ; Csencsics, Ernst ; Schitter, Georg 3 DoF Vibration Compensation Platform for Robot-Based Precision Inline Measurements on Free-Form SurfacesArtikel Article 2021
2Ertl, Hans ; Kolar, Johann W. A Constant Output Current Three-Phase Diode Bridge Rectifier Employing a Novel "Electronic Smoothing Inductor"Artikel Article2005
3Gaston, Bernat ; Casamayor Pujol, Victor ; Lopez-Soriano, Sergio ; Pous, Rafael A Metric for Assessing, Comparing, and Predicting the Performance of Autonomous RFID-Based Inventory Robots for RetailArtikel Article 2022
4Baumann, Martina ; Kolar, Johann W. A Novel Control Concept for Reliable Operation of a Three-Phase Three-Switch Buck-Type Unity-Power-Factor Rectifier With Integrated Boost Output Stage Under Heavily Unbalanced Mains ConditionArtikel Article2005
5Hartmann, M. ; Miniboeck, J. ; Ertl, H. ; Kolar, J. W. A Three-Phase Delta Switch Rectifier for Use in Modern AircraftArtikel Article2012
6Ito, Shingo ; Poik, Mathias ; Schlarp, Johannes ; Schitter, Georg Atomic Force Microscopy Breaking Through the Vertical Range-Bandwidth TradeoffArtikel Article 2020
7König, Oliver ; Hametner, Christoph ; Prochart, Günter ; Jakubek, Stefan Battery Emulation for Power-HIL Using Local Model Networks and Robust Impedance ControlArtikel Article2014
8Bruckner, Dietmar ; Velik, Rosemarie Behavior Learning in Dwelling Environments with Hidden Markov ModelsArtikel Article2010
9Wertjanz, Daniel ; Csencsics, Ernst ; Kern, Thomas ; Schitter, Georg Bringing the lab to the fab: Robot-based inline measurement system for precise 3D surface inspection in vibrational environmentsArtikel Article 2022
10Erdogan, Dennis ; Jakubek, Stefan ; Mayr, Christian ; Hametner, Christoph Combustion Engine Test Bed System Identification Under the Presence of Cyclic DisturbancesArtikel Article 2020
11Helm, Siegfried ; Kozek, Martin ; Jakubek, Stefan Combustion Torque Estimation and Misfire Detection for Calibration of Combustion Engines by Parametric Kalman FilteringArtikel Article2012
12Dietrich, D ; Bruckner, D ; Zucker, G ; Palensky, P Communication and Computation in Buildings: A Short Introduction and OverviewArtikel Article 2010
13Yoo, Han Woong ; Riegler, Rene ; Brunner, David ; Albert, Stephan ; Thurner, Thomas ; Schitter, Georg Experimental Evaluation of Vibration Influence on a Resonant MEMS Scanning System for Automotive LidarsArtikel Article 2021
14Ito, Shingo ; Cigarini, Francesco ; Schitter, Georg Flux-controlled Hybrid Reluctance Actuator for High-precision Scanning MotionArtikel Article 2019
15Bruckner, Dietmar ; Dietrich, Dietmar ; Zucker, Gerhard ; Palensky, Peter Guest EditorialArtikel Article2010
16Westermayer, Christian ; Priesner, Raphael ; Kozek, Martin ; Bauer, Robert High Dynamic Torque Control for Industrial Engine Test BedsArtikel Article2013
17Stadler, Gerhard ; Csencsics, Ernst ; Ito, Shingo ; Schitter, Georg High Precision Hybrid Reluctance Actuator with Integrated Orientation Independent Zero Power Gravity CompensationArtikel Article 2021
18Heldwein, Marcello L. ; Ertl, Hans ; Biela, Jürgen ; Kolar, Johann W. Implementation of a Transformerless Common-Mode Active Filter for Offline Converter SystemsArtikel Article2010
19Nussbaumer, Peter Walter ; Vogelsberger, Markus ; Wolbank, Thomas M. Induction Machine Insulation Health State Monitoring Based on Online Switching Transient ExploitationArtikel Article Mar-2015
20Brunner, David ; Yoo, Han Woong ; Schitter, Georg Linear Modeling and Control of Comb-Actuated Resonant MEMS Mirror with Nonlinear DynamicsArtikel Article 2021