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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
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1Zucker, Gerhard ; Sporr, Andreas ; Kollmann, Stefan ; Wendt, Alexander ; Siafara Chaido, Lydia ; Fernbach, Andreas A Cognitive System Architecture for Building Energy ManagementArtikel Article 2018
2Mayerhofer, Tanja ; Wimmer, Manuel ; Berardinelli, Luca ; Drath, Rainer A Model-Driven Engineering Workbench for CAEX Supporting Language Customization and EvolutionArtikel Article 2017
3Pratl, Gerhard ; Dietrich, Dietmar ; Hancke, Gerhard P. ; Penzhorn, Walter T. A New Model for Autonomous, Networked Control SystemsArtikel Article 2007
4Gsellmann, Peter ; Melik-Merkumians, Martin ; Zoitl, Alois ; Schitter, Georg A Novel Approach for Integrating IEC 61131-3 Engineering and Execution into IEC 61499Artikel Article 2021
5Sauter, Thilo ; Nachtnebel, Herbert ; Kerö, Nikolaus A Smart Capacitive Angle SensorArtikel Article2005
6Zhang, Kunwu ; Shi, Yang ; Karnouskos, Stamatis ; Sauter, Thilo ; Fang, Huazhen ; Colombo, Armando Walter Advancements in Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems: An Overview and PerspectivesArticle Artikel Jan-2023
7Schlesinger, Ralf ; Springer, Andreas ; Sauter, Thilo Automatic Packing Mechanism for Simplification of the Scheduling in Profinet IRTArtikel Article 2016
8Mahmood, Aneeq ; Exel, Reinhard ; Trsek, Henning ; Sauter, Thilo Clock Synchronization Over IEEE 802.11-A Survey of Methodologies and ProtocolsArtikel Article 2017
9Bruckner, Dietmar ; Zeilinger, Heimo ; Dietrich, Dietmar Cognitive Automation - Survey of Novel Artificial General Intelligence Methods for the Automation of Human Technical EnvironmentsArtikel Article2012
10Vallee, Mathieu ; Merdan, Munir ; Lepuschitz, Wilfried ; Koppensteiner, Gottfried Decentralized Reconfiguration of a Flexible Transportation SystemArtikel Article2011
11Mahmood, Aneeq ; Exel, Reinhard ; Sauter, Thilo Delay and Jitter Characterisation for Software-based Clock Synchronization over WLAN using PTPArtikel Article 2014
12Elwischger, Bernard Philipp Bernhard ; Sauter, Thilo Efficient Ambiguity Resolution in Wireless Localization SystemsArtikel Article 2017
13Vitturi, Stefano ; Pedreiras, Paulo ; Proenza, Julian ; Sauter, Thilo Guest Editorial Special Section on Communication in AutomationArtikel Article2016
14Lo Bello, Lucia ; Behnam, Moris ; Pedreiras, Paulo ; Sauter, Thilo Guest Editorial Special Section on Communications in Automation - Innovation Drivers and New TrendsArtikel Article2017
15Sisini, Emiliano ; Sauter, Thilo ; Pang, Zhibo ; Bernhard, Hans-Peter Guest Editorial: Advanced Industrial Communication Systems: A Sneak Peak to the Ecosystem of Next Generation Industrial CommunicationsArticle ArtikelOct-2022
16Vyatkin, Valeriy ; Lo Bello, Lucia ; Sauter, Thilo Guest Editorial: Emerging Technologies and Novel Trends in Industrial InformaticsArtikel Article2020
17Shi, Yang ; Karnouskos, Stamatis ; Sauter, Thilo ; Fang, Huazhen Guest Editorial: New Advancements in Industrial Cyber-Physical SystemsArticle ArtikelJan-2023
18Jiang, Hongbo ; Ren, Ju ; Lui, John C. S. ; Dustdar, Schahram Guest Editorial: Special Section on End-Edge-Cloud Orchestrated Algorithms, Systems and ApplicationsArtikel Article2020
19Bruckner, Dietmar ; Picus, Cristina ; Velik, Rosemarie ; Herzner, Wolfgang ; Zucker, Gerhard Hierarchical Semantic Processing Architecture for Smart Sensors in Surveillance NetworksArtikel Article 2012
20Mahmood, Aneeq ; Exel, Reinhard ; Sauter, Thilo Performance of IEEE 802.11's Timing Advertisement Against SyncTSF for Wireless Clock SynchronizationArtikel Article 2017