IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems

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IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
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1Chen, Chen ; Yao, Guorun ; Liu, Lei ; Pei, Qingqi ; Song, Houbing ; Dustdar, Schahram A Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System for Road Hazards Detection With Edge IntelligenceArticle Artikel 6-Feb-2023
2Backfrieder, Christian ; Ostermayer, Gerald ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph Increased Traffic Flow through Node-Based Bottleneck Prediction and V2X CommunicationArtikel Article 18-Jul-2016
3Blazek, Thomas ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph Measurement-Based Burst-Error Performance Modeling for Cooperative Intelligent Transport SystemsArtikel Article 2019
4Lindorfer, Manuel ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph ; Ostermayer, Gerald Modeling the Imperfect Driver: Incorporating Human Factors in a Microscopic Traffic ModelArtikel Article 2018
5Zhou, Momiao ; Liu, Lei ; Sun, Yanshi ; Wang, Kan ; Dong, Mianxiong ; Atiquzzaman, Mohammed ; Dustdar, Schahram On Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks With Full-Duplex Radios: An End-to-End Delay PerspectiveArticle Artikel Oct-2023
6Xiao, Zhu ; Li, Hao ; Jiang, Hongbo ; Li, You ; Alazab, Mamoun ; Zhu, Yongdong ; Dustdar, Schahram Predicting Urban Region Heat via Learning Arrive-Stay-Leave Behaviors of Private CarsArticle Artikel Oct-2023
7Thormann, Sebastian ; Schirrer, Alexander ; Jakubek, Stefan Safe and Efficient Cooperative PlatooningArtikel Article 2020
8Gratzer-2022-IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems-vor.pdf.jpgGratzer, Alexander L. ; Thormann, Sebastian ; Schirrer, Alexander ; Jakubek, Stefan String stable and collision-safe model predictive platoon controlArticle Artikel Oct-2022
9Bernadó, Laura ; Zemen, Thomas ; Tufvesson, Fredrik ; Molisch, Andreas F. ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph F. Time- and Frequency-Varying K-Factor of Non-Stationary Vehicular Channels for Safety-Relevant ScenariosArtikel Article Apr-2015