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1Skambraks, S. ; Frühwirth, R. ; Schieck, Jochen A z-Vertex Trigger for Belle IIArtikel Article2015
2Schoene, Sebastian ; Enghardt, Wolfgang ; Fiedler, Fine ; Golnik, Christian ; Pausch, Guntram ; Rohling, Heide ; Kormoll, Thomas An image reconstruction framework and camera prototype aimed for Compton imaging for in-vivo dosimetry of therapeutic ion beamsArtikel Article 2016
3Brunbauer, Florian ; Garcia, Francisco ; Korkalainen, Tero ; Lugstein, Alois ; Lupberger, Michael ; Oliveri, Eraldo ; Pfeiffer, Dorothea ; Ropelewski, Leszek ; Schinnerl, Markus Combined Optical and Electronic Readout For Event Reconstruction in a GEM-based TPCArtikel Article 2018
4Mitrovic, Mladen ; Hofbauer, Michael ; Schneider-Hornstein, Kerstin ; Goll, Bernhard ; Voss, Kay-Obbe ; Zimmermann, Horst Evidence of Pulse Quenching in AND and OR Gates by experimental Probing of Full Single-Event Transient WaveformsArtikel Article 2018
5Mitrovic, Mladen ; Hofbauer, Michael ; Goll, Bernhard ; Schneider-Hornstein, Kerstin ; Swoboda, Robert ; Steindl, Bernhard ; Voss, Kay-Obbe ; Zimmermann, Horst Experimental Investigation of Single-Event Transient Waveforms Depending on Transistor Spacing and Charge Sharing in 65-nm CMOSArtikel Article 2017
6Mitrovic, Mladen ; Hofbauer, Michael ; Voss, Kay-Obbe ; Zimmermann, Horst Experimental Investigation of the Joint lnfluence of Reduced Supply Voltage and Charge Sharing on Single-Event Transient Waveforms in 65-nm Triple-Well CMOSArtikel Article 2018
7Dubus, Francois ; Bonse, Ulrich ; Zawisky, Michael ; Baron, Matthias ; Loidl, Rudolf First Phase-Contrast Tomography With Thermal NeutronsArtikel Article 2005
8Beck, Peter ; Zechner, Andrea ; Rollet, Sofia ; Berger, Thomas ; Bergmann, Robert ; Hajek, Michael ; Hranitzky, Christian ; Latocha, Marcin ; Reitz, Günther ; Stadtmann, Hannes ; Vana, Norbert ; Wind, Michael MATSIM: Development of a voxel model of the MATROSHKA astronaut dosimetric phantomArtikel Article2011
9Bastürk, M. ; Kardjilov, N. ; Lehmann, E. ; Zawisky, Michael Monte Carlo Simulation of Neutron Transmission of Boron-Alloyed SteelArtikel Article2005
10Hofbauer, M. ; Schweiger, K. ; Dietrich, H. ; Zimmermann, H. ; Voss, K-O ; Merk, B. ; Schmid, U. ; Steininger, A. Pulse Shape Measurements by On-chip Sense Amplifiers of Single Event Transients Propagating Through a 90 nm Bulk CMOS Inverter ChainArtikel Article2012
11Knapitsch, Arno ; Auffray, Etiennette ; Fabjan, Christian ; Leclercq, Jean-Louis ; Letartre, Xavier ; Mazurczyk, Radoslaw ; Lecoq, Paul Results of Photonic Crystal Enhanced Light Extraction on Heavy Inorganic ScintillatorsArtikel Article 2012
12Hofbauer, Michael ; Schweiger, Kurt ; Zimmermann, Horst ; Giesen, Ulrich ; Langner, Frank ; Schmid, Ulrich ; Steininger, Andreas Supply Voltage Dependent On-Chip Single-Event Transient Pulse Shape Measurements in 90-nm Bulk CMOS Under Alpha IrradiationArtikel Article2013